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Jbuilder5 a step by step in the integration of Oracle 9iAS Application Development WEB (1)

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Part I: Installation and Configuration chapter

In the OC4J developed under the webapp, only the first branded ear package to deploy, if we use it to debug procedures, a lot of trouble. JBuilder can not be developed under the Integrated OC4J automatically packaging, publish? Borland has provided us with a plug-in, you can easily achieve this.

Here my steps to install the configuration of this plug-in write down, want to help you.

The first step, you have to download the plug-in to the Borland web site address is:

In addition, you can also here
For JB6 find plug-ins.

The second step, unpack, first unlock the zip file that you downloaded, there are some installation instructions files. Among them were a zip file OC4J1022JB5.zip, it solution to a temporary directory.

Into the temporary directory, you will find that in fact and there was a oc4j.zip file, which is version (the latest version of the present should be, you can use the new version to replace it).

The third step, the installation, we run the command line:

installOC4J-jbhome D: \ jbuilder5-password 12345-port 80

Note that the port can not be used here is 8888, because the system default is 8888, you insisted to change one because as otherwise they will die (and I do not know why). Here, I changed to port 80.

Wait a minute, the installation program will automatically install the oc4j in your jbuild5 directory, for example d: \ jbuilder5 \ oc4j next.
Then, the auto-configuration jbuilder, combined with oc4j support.

If successful, you can go directly to jbuilder5 \ oc4j start oc4j, to see if normal?

java-jar orion.jar

Normally starts in IE, type http://localhost/ to see OC4J welcome page.

The fourth step is to configure your JBuilder. Start jb, enter the menu Tool - Enterprise Setup - application Server page, you should find one more oracle 9iAS of the property page. Above with your installation path, the administrator password and the default release goals. The following is the establishment of the publishing target, click New, pop-up window, enter the Container Name: jiwei, password: 778899, others can take the default value. Is established, click Default, released it as the default target.

In addition, Tool - Configure Libraries, you should add the orion.jar file. Click New, the pop-up window, enter the Name: OC4J, Library paths: choose jbuilder5 \ oc4j \ j2ee \ home \ orion.jar file.

OK. The installation is complete.

Second, we will explain an example of a Webapp specific dissemination methods.
Have any questions, please contact mailto: yancheng@sharetop.com

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