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clob field to deal with the (oracle)

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Insert the first object PrepareStatement (
At this time we must set the Connection object AutoCommit for false, that is,
conn.setAutoCommit (false);
), Such written statements:
String sql = "INSERT INTO flower_news (flower_news_id, news_content, news_author) VALUES (flower_news_id_s.nextval, empty_clob (),?)";
News_content here for clob value field.

Then select news_content from folwer_news where .... out of that record just inserted.
Look at the following code:
rs = st.executeQuery (sql);
java.sql.Clob clob;
if (rs.next ()) (
clob = ((OracleResultSet) rs). getClob (1);
oracle.sql.CLOB my_clob = (oracle.sql.CLOB) clob;
OutputStream writer = my_clob.getAsciiOutputStream ();
byte [] contentStr = this.getContent (). getBytes ();
writer.write (contentStr);
writer.flush ();
writer.close ();
conn.commit ();// before being tabled in the end

This method which I get the string to insert

You look at it, as it is no problem in the whole process could not be submitted to you, otherwise it is not successful

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