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How Java is rapidly becoming a master

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Many friends asked me to learn java Is there any shortcut, and I said "no, he only hand-cooked Seoul." But I am very willing to learn from their written some experience so that few detours later, to help others is the greatest joy it!

To learn Java, first of all need to know the general classification of Java. We know that since the introduction of java since Sun, on trying to make it all-encompassing, so Java development to the present, according to the application to sub-divided into three major chunk: J2SE, j2me and J2EE, which is Sun ONE (Open Net Environment ) system. J2SE is the Java2 Standard Edition, primarily for desktop applications software programming; J2ME is mainly used in embedded systems development, such as mobile phones and PDA programming; j2ee is the Java2 Enterprise Edition, the main network for distributed process development, such as e-commerce sites and ERP systems. J2SE desktop application development than VC, VB, delphi these traditional development language, the advantage seems not obvious. J2ME for beginners, as if also a bit difficult, but developers in general very difficult to have development environment. So now the most widely studied and the best is a J2EE. J2EE includes many components, such as JSP, Servlet, JavaBean, EJB, JDBC, JavaMail, etc.. Together to learn not to do a couple of days.

So how does learning J2EE? Of course, must first take a look at Java's syntax, I / O package, Util package, Lang packages you are familiar with it? And then learn from the JSP. If you learn HTML, then the easier the more things I want to, if not, then you go and fill up a foundation for your HTML. In fact, in the jsp or Java syntax, and it is more like a scripting language, a bit like ASP. Then you learn of a study on the Servlet. servlet is a server-side applet, he was responsible for sending to the client to generate the HTML document. In the implementation of JSP, the Servlet is first converted to run again. JSP although theoretically they can be completely replaced by Servlet, which is the original intention of JSP introduced SUN, but the process used to control Jump Servlet or very convenient, but also make the procedure more clearly. Next you should learn about the Javabean, perhaps you long to see whether JSP in HTML embedded Java code in the way of chaos, with the asp in this way what is the difference between them? Fortunately, SUN can Javabean provided JSP in your Java code package to facilitate the call is also easy to reuse. Then the EJB is, EJB is the Enterprise JavaBean, to see if it is the name of Javabean, but it still has the distinction of Javabean. It is an architecture, you can build a safer, more stable enterprise applications. It has been a large number of middleware code (that is, we often hear the Weblogic, Websphere these J2EE server) to complete, so we have to do very little amount of program code, the majority of work in the design and configuration of the middleware. As for JDBC, on the no need for me to say, if you do have to use java to access the database for the procedure, it should be very familiar with it. Also, if you use Java for e-mail program, you have to look at the JavaMail.

Well, for Java and J2EE have some basic concepts, you should have made a number of procedures, and must not be empty words on paper Oh. Find some examples of the best and look at books with CD-ROM, so that a good process to see can be directly on the Ctrl + c and then Ctrl + V, you do not have the oldest aircraft workers in person and then let it fail again, repeat the direct copy is also do not be afraid of mistakes, why not do it! There is always some good Java programming articles, there are good articles to Cut down, there are problems even though asked, as long as the problem is not too silly, the general master will answer you. Here are a few good aspects of Java programming Web site:
CSDN Forum of China's most famous http://www.csdn.net/ Technical Forum, "programmers" that they published in magazines, you can ask questions in the above, as soon as it was to answer you, if you feel good, you can give The man points;
Java Research Organization http://www.javaresearch.org/ there are many original articles, expert or the;
Java Developer Java comparison http://www.chinajavaworld.com/ where the whole;
look at this domain name java.com.cn http://www.java.com.cn/ know how cattle, fast approaching 10,000 registered users, while the number of people are online around 1000, the popular;
IBM's Developer Network http://www-900.ibm.com/developerWorks/cn/java/index.shtml IBM Big Blue forever;

Then I also read the book, the procedures are done, someone else asked me, I can solve the problem, is not it will become a master of it? Of course not that simple, this is only the first step through the Long March. Do not believe? Then you take an item out, you know how to start it, you know how to design it, you know how to organize personnel to develop it? Now mind you, except for some scattered outside of the code may no longer let other things! You are now the least is the actual work experience, rather than books by those who would like to program out of thin air. So youa Java programming work to do it (if it is in school part-time students can do ah), in practice, to improve themselves, it is the fastest. But you have to pray when in the company of a master, and he is also willing to take the trouble to teach you, it seems hard to do Oh!

Another way is to read the open source process. We know that most of open source from a master, to design reasonable, thoughtful consideration, together with the broad participation of programmers, the code is of course the value of every word sharawadgi beads, have articulated so forcefully (Sorry, even the recent "Gold" read more). Study of two open reading Java source code is the Jive and the Pet Store.

Jive is a very well-known abroad BBS process is entirely open source. Forum designed with many advanced technologies, such as Cache, User Authentication, Filter, xml and so on, and fully shielded Forum's visit to the database, it is easy to transplant in different databases. The Forum was also to facilitate the installation and management process, which is usually easy to ignore when programming a part of (China programmers generally technology-oriented programming, but does not consider the feelings of the user, and this is our relationship with foreign software where the gap). Jive information in many sites there are, we can study found. I believe you read the code, will feel reborn. Unfortunately after Jive from 2.5 of open source is no longer unconditionally, at the same time limit the licence. Fortunately, the Chinese first-class Java programmers concerned about it, foreigners are not open source, and the Chinese people will not be able to open it? Here to recommend a Chinese language version-J Road Jive. Jive (J Road version) is a Java by the Chinese community in banq famous Jive 2.1 version based on the adaptation, all the Chinese, an increase of some useful functions, such as mapping, the user query image and user data and so on, and a development team escalation. Banq you can visit the Web site to download http://www.jdon.com/, or to the Technical Forum, Tongji ftp://nro.shtdu.edu.cn to the server, the installation problems, can go to the forum up question.

Pet store (pet shops) is the SUN companies to demonstrate their programming J2EE specification and the introduction of the open source process, should be authoritative, I would like to learn J2EE and EJB not miss a friend.

You will be glad to say, ha ha, the original master as a simple Java ah! Remember Tomjava have come across a project manager, known as Java is very simple, as long as three months can learn. In fact, who say such things as when a small Japanese so-called "three months, China had" bragged the same. Tomjava not throwing cold water on you, you just learned a Java skeleton, has not yet learned the essence of Java. Then you have to research and design pattern. Senior Programmer was designed to truly master the core idea of object-oriented courses. Design pattern is not a specific "technology", it is about ideology, it is not only demonstrated the interface or abstract class in the actual case of flexible application and wisdom, so that you can really master the interface or abstract class of applications, thus the original Java language based on the jump further, but more importantly, design Patterns repeatedly stressed to you, a purpose: to give you as much as possible the procedures reusable.

Information on design patterns, or to recommend banq site http://www.jdon.com/, he GOF patterns of 23 kinds of user-friendly way to interpret it, pure Java description of the classic is a classic. Have time to look at MVC structure (the Model-View-Control separation of design ideas) about it and very popular Struts is that it's a way to achieve, but it is to use Struts very complex, as long as we learn the essence of that may be, we can design the structure of their own MVC. And then you look at software Refactoring (restructuring) and the limits of XP programming, I believe you also at a higher level.

After these, you better organize your Java code, those common classical procedures and the application of finishing up, and then build a well to increase their reusability and scalability. You find a few like-minded friends set up a studio now, you can take a number of projects to do, may find it difficult to start, but you have technology accumulation, but also thoughtful, to take over the project to be finished quickly, I believe we will come after you, so Money'scome on. . . . . .

Of course, you can also take part in some open source projects, on the one hand can improve themselves, on the other hand, China's software is also to contribute to the cause of it! Developers on the Internet developed in cooperation with CVS, the QQ, MSN, E-mail discussion links for programmers spread far apart at the same time in various parts of the development of the same software, it is not very interesting?
Here are two good open source project site:
Hubei Province, software development platform for public http://gro.clinux.org/
Union to create http://cosoft.org.cn/

Wow, I am very glad Oh, I have finally become the master! No, Definitely not. The ancients said: "wise to understand the situation." Do you know the computer industry right now the development of the situation? Do you know Microsoft's. NET and SUN ONE blueprint plan infighting between? Do you know where computer technology to development? In fact, the major computer manufacturers from the most recent action, you can see "Web services will be the next-generation Internet Application of the commanding heights "and Microsoft's. NET and SUN ONE blueprint plans the focus of the struggle, that is, Web services. Web services is a new distributed computing model, which is a comprehensive series of standards (XML, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL and WSFL, etc.). It allows different software languages can be easily integrated, so that network resources and Web site into a service rather than chaotic garbage dump. The near future, we will be able to click the mouse at home, you can go out to complete all travel preparations, including the air tickets, tours will be scheduled for a good room and so on. Please note that all this Web site are automatically completed, no longer as now, it appears that the e-commerce, many areas are actually manual. You might think this is day Arabian Nights, but the nearest that you are most likely to undertake a project, it is necessary to integrate the ERP system, the two companies. Upstream firm is likely to use the system for Delphi, and the downstream system is made of Java. You say you are a Java expert, we all see how you do it from. So, ah, you have to learn new technologies such as Web services, and you have to understand that Delphi now (Delphi6 now provide control of Web services). Provision of Java your system, you may want to. NET integration, so you. NET should know that, right? In the end, you may find you have become a Java expert, but a lot of time in pursuing other technologies. Tai Chi Master said, most of the movements is that there is no tactic may be the reason you!

Just as the rise of online Web services, so not a lot of information, I recommend to you a few sites:
UDDI technical http://www.uddi-china.org/ China Union
CHAI Xiao-Road CSDN column of http://www.csdn.net/develop/author/ColumnAuthor/fennivel/ (Note: the Internet, CHAI Xiao Road is a well-known figure, he has published many articles on Web services, but also a a book, it should be said on the Web services technology in China pioneer)
IBM's Developer Network xml & Web Service column: http://www-900.ibm.com/developerWorks/cn/xml/index.shtml?csdn IBM pushing but Web services are

Ming ... your heart a thousand million hard effort, we could finally become a Java expert, and how people do not! Yes ah, really not easy, really simple, really very touched by ah! Then a phone call to tell me, what? My phone number? Faint that asked not to call you know it, it's ... ...

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