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Analysis of Web Service development of different levels

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Web Service brought a lot of the new term, so-hyun appeared. But seen through the surface, you will find nothing in fact is not so elusive. The following discussion are in java as a reference.

1 visit to a Web Service in fact can be seen as a function call, the only difference is that this function is remote, so I said it and RMI nothing essentially different from the.

Since it is a function, of course, have a function declaration, and the completion of this work is the WSDL, it is a detailed definition of the prototype function, including function name, the import parameters and export parameters, this is the WSDL in opertion done.

Since it is a function of distance, but also involved with the remote address of a bind, this is the task of WSDL in the service.

Axis is a WSDL generated by the development of the corresponding access code package, JBuilder will be integrated into it through the Wizard to simplify the way the original need for the command line to complete the operation manually.

2 Since it is remote access, it is necessary to have an Access Protocol, Web Service is the access protocol SOAP, SOAP based on xml above is different there is no restriction on the xml format of the original with a number of limitations, the need for envelope, in in the envelope, but also sub-header and body.

If the Web Service using SOAP development process, it would need the definition of WSDL from SOAP packet assembly line, which is obviously better than the direct use of WSDL for Web Service development should be complicated.

Is a JAXM communicate using SOAP development kit, which simplifies the packaging process SOAP messages.

3 SOAP is built on XML-based, then obviously the same XML-development kit is suitable for SOAP.

At this level, the development of Web Service, in addition to the completion of the work on the floor, they also have their own assembly in accordance with the format of SOAP message SOAP, which is obviously an increase of the workload.

xml development tools on more, and from the most simple SAX and DOM to DOM4J, JDOM, there are a lot of XML to object binding tools such as JAXB, Castor and so on.

In fact, do not consider Web Service, complete with XML communication protocol so the situation is not uncommon. Knowledge of the existence of XML-RPC, the XML is not difficult to understand the meaning of the communication do so.

As discussed here, Sun has provided JWSDP (Java Web Service Developer Pack), which contains analysis from XML to WSDL to generate a complete set of solutions.

4 discussed above in fact all things are still remain in the transmission of news content, is not involved in the process of communication. I do not see the Web Service on the Web for granted that it can only be resolved through HTTP to transmit. The preceding discussion we can see that all of the news content and is not directly related to transmission, so no matter whether the HTTP transmission, or SMTP agreement or custom, no problems.

At this level, the development of Web Service, in front of all the dangers but also the completion of the manual analysis of the XML work.

Here is the most common HTTP methods for discussion.

HTTP Development Server and Client will be treated differently, Server of the realization of the usual choice is Servlet, so that Web Server for the HTTP protocol, we completed save us a lot of resolve to make. Client can choose the JDK comes with the realization of the Http Client, Apache's Jakarta project of Commons also provides a sub-HttpClient.

5, whether HTTP or SMTP, or custom protocols, in the final analysis are the application-level protocol, the realization of the underlying are completed by the Socket. At this level is the basic primitive times, and have nothing, everything has to be completed by hand.

At this level, the development of Web Service, all in front of all the difficulties one by one experience, In addition, there are waiting for the agreement to develop this unfortunate people.

Here, do not need other tool, JDK own security Socket can conquer the world.

6 would like to down it? Down operating system is realized, Java's platform-independent meaningless, but also beyond my current understanding of the scope of this stop you!

Mentioned earlier should be considered a Web Service basic knowledge of the structure, did not discuss here the contents of UDDI and so on the one hand I do not understand it, and secondly it should belong to the application should not be considered to achieve in the Web Service.

Although we may not be from the lower development of Web Service, but the problem encountered in the bottom of the situation is inevitable.

I have a Web Service application development time, being caught in the HTTP header and the SOAP Action to a case of different norms of the so-called, I checked a half-day norms and SOAP specification HTTP, HTTP is aware of the distinction between large and small, and SOAP Action should be so is to write and argue that the norms of so-called mistakes.

After the preceding discussion, we can see, Web Service, and there is no mystery at all, everything is already built on the basis of things. Technological development will not be created out of nothing, would be a better solution just prior to the recovery of the new change, a more solid foundation is the most important.

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