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JWSDP completed using the Web Service entry in the java (b)

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2 wscompile configuration file (config.xml)

Wscompile the configuration file is the main source of information tools, the information with a tool called a number of switches during the designated work together to generate the required products.

There are four different ways to provide information to the tools, each providing information needed in the way of the configuration files in different formats, each format to allow a multi-modality tools (-import,-define, and-gen). Four ways as follows:

1 service, a service-based endpoint interface (SEI) of the service description.

2 wsdl, one to import and processing of the WSDL document. When a description by a WSDL document that already exists to provide products or the needs of the client WSDL generation based on the use of this format. For example:

<configuration xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jax-rpc/ri/config">

<wsdl location = ". / StockQuoteService.wsdl"

pacakgeName = "com.example" />

</ configuration>

3 modelfile, a model in front of the preservation of documents (in wscompile generated through the-model option). This document is the realization of JAX-RPC standard WS Endpoint or a client that generated by the wscompile tool, usually used as a. Xml.gz document. It stores all internal data structure of key information, in order to allow easy generation of specific products to achieve. wsdeploy because only a limited set of options, many options are specified in wscompile period, their preservation as part of model . When the definition of a service or product the client has been in existence from the model used to generate documents. For example:

<configuration xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/jax-rpc/ri/config">

<modelfile location="./model.xml.gz"/>

</ configuration>

4 j2eeMappingFile, defined by the JSR109 insinuate information J2EE. The document included in the java interface and WSDL insinuate between the definition of the corresponding information. j2ee deployment tools use this information and work together to publish WSDL documents of services and service reference to generate stubs and ties.

Configuration file there are three configuration items:

1 Add the type of insinuation, can define its own anti-serial and serial-based devices and to provide for the JAX-RPC run-time data do not support the type of support.

2 add 3 add processor namespace-to-package insinuate. This feature allows you to specify xml namespace to java package insinuations can also specify the java-to insinuate xml namespace.

(B) wsdeploy tool to introduce a tool wscompile the tools and work together to generate a servlet container in any war released document, giving it a Health WAR file, it includes a SEI, the realization of an SEI, a number of value types, a number of services specific abnormality, a model file, a deployment descriptor (jaxrpc-ri.xml), and a number of other options to achieve particular products. tools to deal with students to generate a war file and cooked to achieve a specific war file. This process including the generation of serial devices to connect (TIEs), run-time descriptor, as well as other to the success of the products released WS needs. This tool is also used in two forms: a batch and the Ant build script.

Examples of approved:

wsdeploy-o target.war myapp.war

Ant script used in the Ant task before this definition:

<taskdef name="wsdeploy" classname="com.sun.xml.rpc.tools.ant.Wsdeploy">

<classpath path="${classpath}"/>

</ taskdef>

Which point to the same class wscompile the same path:

<wsdeploy classpath="xyz.jar" tmpdir="${tmp}" outWarFile="stock.war" inWarFile="stock-raw.war"/>

<wsdeploy keep="true" outWarFile="stock.war" inWarFile="stock-raw.war"> <classpath refid="compile.classpath"/> </ wsdeploy>

<wsdeploy fork="true" source="1.0.3" outWarFile="stock.war" inWarFile="stock-raw.war"> </ wsdeploy>

2 wscompile the configuration file (the deployment descriptor jaxrpc-ri.xml)

It is packaged in the raw WAR file by using wsdeploy tools mature Laisheng WAR file. This descriptor provides the tools to the web container wsdeploy published WS information.

The paper focused on the use of endpoint and endpointMapping two elements to the definition of endpoints and services, alluding to the SEI and its implementation together, together with the model documents provided to the publishing tool.

Hello example of the preparation of a three-IDE environment: Eclipse, plug-ins sysdeo, environmental releases: Tomcat559.

The use of libraries: Sun's reference implementation.

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