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1: With the use of the concept of PublishtoWeb
About PublishtoWeb PublishtoWeb (posted to the Web) is AutoCAD2000i and 2002 version of the new network features, you can create graphics for Web pages, directly used in Web publishing. The orde..

2: Modify sql statement used in the field data sheets to achieve identity (100,1) incremental
create table common_info ( name varchar (10), value int) insert into common_info values ( 'msg_count', 100) Sql so you should write (using stored procedure): create proc p_ins_alm_..

3: The birth of a poker game --- (fullhouse) category on the process of design and debugging, error correction and the use of assertion (I)
The birth of a poker game --- (fullhouse) category on the process of design and debugging, error correction and the use of assertion In front of our basic work done, now to be considered to design..

4: Application eraser
Click to view the document ..

5: Multi-threading technology in the VC + + Serial Communication Program
1 Overview In a variety of modern real-time monitoring system and communications system, in Windows 9X/NT using VC + + on the RS-232 serial port is a commonly used means of programming. Windows 9..

6: CIO job: I am a CIO, I? [2]
Quanwith the success of G does not mean that only those IT departments from scratch and create a CIO to build IT team. Bausch & Lomb Computer Manager of Chinese companies Wei Chen is the "..

7: ASP + Chinese Course (a) - asp + Introduction, installation, and how to display Chinese
ASP + Chinese Course ----- asp + Introduction, installation, and how to display Chinese Finally a period of time under air, you can learn some new things, read the asp + click on the relevant info..

8: μC / OS-II under the interrupt service routine and peripheral-driven development
In embedded applications, the main reason for the use of RTOS is to improve the reliability of the system, followed by the development is to improve the efficiency and shorten the development cycle...

9: foxpro mobile search and data entry
Section I of mobile search and data entry This situation is a classic case of the sale are to visit a customer's journey. Time in the past, if the sales staff would like to enter a room for a..

10: APACHE (2)
Chapter II Start Apache Start Apache 2.1 This procedure can httpd Internet service procedures inetd each time a connection to enter the HTTP services start, or in another way, it also can serv..

11: Ready to use XForms
W3C XForms (the word is both singular is plural) is an update HTML form, which provides a scalable method to the HTML document, including richer, more dynamic forms. You can also use XForms more qu..

12: A Web file upload the C # source code
/ / Save the file's path, including file name private string GetSavePath (string FileName) ( string path = Request.PhysicalApplicationPath + "\ \ Link_Icon"; return path + &quo..

13: Unlimited Categories & Tree Forum to achieve
Data Sheet reference: Code :------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------- CREATE TABLE `mf_sort` ( `sortid` SMALLINT (3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, ..

14: WebComputing ━ ADO Final Report 3
Third, Error object: As described above, the Connection object is used for various types of databases and articulated, but in this process there will be some unpredictable error, which has been th..

15: VC interface to connect with Ado and use of database
NEW YORK, Li Zhiguo First, read this article the necessary attention to other matters: 1, for method invocation, the parameters of the transmission type of conversion (there may be more convenie..

16: ASP.net done with just a set of users and information management system
At the beginning of the run, first configure the web.config file <add key="connString" value="Persist Security Info=False;server=(local);database=;uid=;pwd=" /> <add..

17: SMS program
<html> <head> <title> Short Message sent </ title> <meta Http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312"> <Script Language=..

18: The essence of VB programming API (b)
Section I: API based on API is a series of bottom end of the day function is to provide to users for access to the core operating system, the means to carry out high-level programming. Visual Bas..

19: In Windows applications using Windows XP style and appearance of PrintWindow (change)
Note: This example applies only to computers running Windows XP. Open the sample and open two or more after the application window, use the function keys AltTab to run TaskSwitcher applications. ..

20: Oracle 9i database using the user query
6.5.1 What is a conversation Session (Session) is the Oracle database server to connect to database users a means of recording. 6.5.2 What are the contents of the conversation (1) as shown in ..