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Based on the essence of the secondary development of SolidWorks Die Design System

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1 Introduction

Fine Blanking is an advanced precision forming process technology. Sheet metal for its raw materials, through the fine blanking die, in the exclusive use l less power machines with or without cutting the plastic processing methods, so that in the three-sheet effect of compressive stress along the contour required for pure-shear and Squeeze the separation can be cross-section forming a smooth, vertical, red cut good flatness, size, high accuracy, low shear and roughness of the sheet metal stamping parts Kawasaki. Fine blanking die as a result of the complex structure of the design of heavy workload, therefore, fine blanking die for the software developed will play a very important role.

Based on SolidWorks. Of precision three-dimensional modeling of die components, application programming language Visual Basic 6.0 to achieve design parameters, and on this basis to achieve the automatic modeling of parts, tooling and automated assembly of the automatic generation of engineering drawings, effectively improving the mold design efficiency.

2 SolidWorks principle outlined in the secondary development

2.1 SolidWorks secondary development interface API

SolidWorks API (Application Programming Interface, then the application n) is the SolidWorks the OLE (ObjectLinking and Embedding, Object Linking or embedding) programming interface, providing a large number of full-featured development tools. SolidWorks, to support the ActiveX Automation technology, users can provide VB.VBA.VC by calling the function to develop and establish the need for the user module, and on this basis to achieve the parameters of parts and molds of fixed drive. SolidWorks can be developed based on the OLE to generate exe form of procedures, can be generated based on the COM of **. dll file as a plug-in to use Gang. As a result of easy to learn and use vb to meet basic design requirements. In this paper, the use of VB as a development language.

2.2 VB environment preparation procedures

SolidWorks second development is the most important procedures for the preparation. SolidWorks API function as a result of many features larger function, therefore, a simple practical method is to record the user that is to perform macro recording. Get macro operation code, copy it to the VB environment part of the process, and then edit the changes to procedural requirements to meet.

2.3 Design Parameterization

Design parameters in the mold is divided into two types: one is the same model in the mold of all the parameters always remain unchanged, such as the introduction of the column diameter, the thickness of the mold base and so on, the majority of these parameters; other is specific to the design of a mold, in accordance with the requirements of parts to determine the size of the parameters, such as the number of push, push, such as the shape of plates, accounting for a small number of such parameters.

Parameters for the first category, the establishment of the use of access database, including the series of fine die in various parts of the parameters needed in the program runs, the use of data access control technology and linked to specific data sheets, you can easily achieve the design parameters The second type of parameters directly from the program interface input parameters, a reference to the proceedings, direct the realization of the design parameters.

3 fine examples of die development

3.1 The overall design ideas and procedures for interface design

In the mold design process, the most error-prone parts of the place is in the size, layout and other aspects of relevance. For example, in precision dies, the mode-locking pin layout of the raw materials necessary to take into account the issue of interference. Therefore, the development of applications, designers must take into account the design of the habit, so that designers can better according to the actual situation in real-time control of the precision of the die design process and progress.

Based on this, the design of OLE-based technology development generated. Exe form of an independent process. In the procedures used in a number of forms of input interfaces, each interface using the dialog box, command button to complete the form of human-computer interaction. So that the designer can grasp the whole essence of the local die design, followed by the importation of spare parts parameters. At the same time, all the parts to optimize the combination of parameters, so that input from the program interface to achieve a minimum number of parameters. Not only take into account the relationship between the parts and not to strike a balance so that designers, struggling to correct an error range of relevance. In addition, internal procedures, through the logic of programming and to remind the designers found that the form parameters and the parameters are correct if in conflict with each other effectively avoided by the designer of the errors caused by subjective factors. One program interface as shown in Figure 1.

3.2 Auto Parts Modeling

Based on the essence of the secondary development of SolidWorks die design system

In parts of the modeling process, for a short break to set up real, first to analyze its structure, to make as simple as possible to establish the characteristics, size parameter as little as possible. The use of SolidWorks. Modeling, and modeling the use of its macro recording process, the establishment of macro files. And then copy the macro code in the VB and compile it again, delete the useless statement, with variables in place of the specific numerical code.

Program runs, the first link and the program interface Access the text box for the variable assignment. And then automatically compiled internal procedures, without human intervention, can be realized and updated model. It is worth noting that parts of the model space and the actual circumstances should be consistent with the situation in order to facilitate the assembly of parts. Block mode the following example, run the results shown in Figure 2.

Based on the essence of the secondary development of SolidWorks die design system

Based on the essence of the secondary development of SolidWorks Die Design System

3.3 mold automatic assembly

The use of procedures to achieve mold assembly procedures must be coordinated with two questions: First, insert the specified parts of the document must be called before the function has been loaded in memory, otherwise the model will not be able to add parts; Second, add parts model in to the assembly space safety entities must be translated into, or space in the assembly will not be able to choose components and characteristics, which can not be assembled.

There are three methods of mold assembly: first, the use of selection and traversal technology with the selected components on the surface of the need to tie in with the characteristics of; The second is the use of parts with reference to geometry; The third is the direct use of coordinates to select the parts needed for the surface to meet. Three methods have their advantages and disadvantages, for example, the first method is the most reliable, but it is also the most complex procedures. Programming should be based on the actual situation of different choices. Run results shown in figure 3.

Based on the essence of the secondary development of SolidWorks die design system

3.4 Automatic generation of engineering drawings

SolidWorks engineering drawings will be divided into three levels: engineering drawings, drawing format, the project view. Design process, designers should be in accordance with the drawings called for the establishment of pre-drawing template, the choice of a good size drawing, drawing drawings good format, and then stored in a directory SolidWorks folder. Drawing Engineering Graphics, the first procedure invoked by the template, set file attributes, and then the parts or assembly in a reference to the engineering drawings to produce the project view, derived from the perspective needed to view and positioning, and finally

Based on the essence of the secondary development of SolidWorks die design system

Add appropriate, such as tagging and notes. Run results shown in Figure 4.

Based on the essence of the secondary development of SolidWorks die design system

4 Concluding remarks

The software system is based on Visual Basic 6.0 as the basic development of language, in order to SolidWorks, as the basic design platform development. Run-time, just a simple human-computer interaction, you can achieve the automatic modeling of die components, mold automatic assembly and automatic engineering drawing out plans to achieve a precision die design parameters. So that the designers drawing from the heavy repetitive work liberated to concentrate on design work, has greatly improved the efficiency of mold design.

In this paper, for the basic principles of programming, the general concept and development process of SolidWorks, the secondary development of the work has a certain reference value.

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