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CAD-based PDM system integration technology research

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0 Introduction

With the development of information technology, Enterprise applications used by more and more information on the depth and breadth of integration has changed, the information integration from the initial development of the process of integration (such as concurrent engineering), and Further requests the business-to-business integration (such as agile manufacturing, etc.). With the PDM system (product data management system) the introduction, the user on the one hand, hope that it can achieve a variety of software generated data and documents for effective management; the other hand, it hopes to do PDM environment between applications information sharing, collaborative work between users, application system and the PDM system, the consistency of data objects as well as design information and the operation and management of information integration between. These require the achievement of the past based on the database system changed to the traditional methods of application integration based on PDM.

Integration is the means of information technology will be based on the application of resources and work together as a whole, it contains interactive features, information sharing, as well as three aspects of data communications management and control. In the PDM, the integration is to people, production and management system and engineering system 3 are closely integrated to form a unified whole, so that the whole enterprise-wide workflow, logistics and information flow and maintain patency of the organic links As a result, product data management system development and implementation of applications need to study the integration technology. This article from the application integration framework, integrated model and integration of these and other aspects of integration, and finally describes the PDM system and the integration of UG.

1 PDM integration framework

The so-called "integrated framework" is a heterogeneous, distributed computer environment, various types of applications enable the enterprise information system integration, functional integration and process integration of software systems. As an integrated framework, first of all, should be considered is the data integration, product data is only good management and control functions to be completed and the final realization of the process of integration and the integration of people and organizations in order to structure an effective enterprise information integration.

PDM system integration framework shown in figure 1. PDM system integration interface with the application system and management system for data exchange and integration, PDM system integration of all product-related data and stored in the PDM database system, PDM system to manage all the data and information with other systems to exchange . In the integrated framework, PDM system can be unified with the product life cycle management of all relevant information, CAD, CAPP, CAM, ERP systems do not directly exchange information, the transmission of information between them have become, respectively, and the PDM system exchange of information between, CAD, CAPP, CAM, ERP system, through the PDM system provides the interface from the PDM system to their needs in information, the results of their applications back into the PDM system database, in order to achieve the enterprise management system integration .

CAD-based PDM system integration technology research

Figure 1 PDM system integration framework

2 Based on the PDM application integration to achieve the three-level

2.1 Application Package

Application of PDM based on the purpose of packaging applications is the realization of heterogeneous information integration question paper. Application package including the application of tools for their own content as well as documents generated by these tools in two ways. The characteristics of the application package are: on the one hand, PDM system can automatically identify, store and manage the tools generated by the application documents; On the other hand, the document is stored in the PDM has been activated, they can start the corresponding tool, and in which modify the original file for editing.

Application package can meet the whole file-sharing application integration can not be managed within the data file. When the data-sharing applications have to deal with the data generated by the internal relations, the application package will not be able to meet the needs of integration, then we should take the exchange or tightly integrated interface.

2.2 interface to exchange

Interface exchange is a higher level than the application of the integrated package mode, which the application systems and PDM systems need to share extracted data model, defined to the PDM to the overall model, so that in the PDM and application of systems will have a unified data structure. In addition to this part of each application's data model to share, but also have their own proprietary data model. Application of the system itself as the object is incorporated into the PDM system environment.

2.3 is tightly integrated

At this level, the different applications PDM system has become an integral part of, and they can not only share data, and operational services can be shared. The model allows the application of integrated systems or PDM systems call related services, the implementation of the relevant operation, the formation of a closer relationship, the real integration. To do this kind of integration, first of all, the data should be shared for the content of the application system and the PDM system, the interaction between the establishment of a shared information model, when in the application of PDM systems or to create or modify system data sharing the other can be automatically modified to ensure that both the consistency of data; Second, in the application of PDM system to insert into the data object editing and maintenance functions, so that in the application of the system to edit a particular object, in the PDM in the can also automatically modify the object.

3 steps to achieve application integration

The realization of the process of application integration are as follows: ① Analysis of the application system structure and function, expanding the definition of the application of tools to achieve the application of the management system itself; ② the application of systems analysis of data objects, as well as with other application systems to share data objects, description of the definition of data objects and data object attributes of the operation behavior, the expansion of the corresponding data model; ③ data analysis applications, the relationship that exists between the object to determine the data object into the business model PDM position, on the basis of the analysis of the relationship between the types of properties and behavior, modify the business model PDM; ④ the definition of mapping relations in order to ensure consistency of data; ⑤ extended user interface, adding new menu items and dialog box.

4 Examples of Application Integration

This paper describes the integration in accordance with the principles and steps to NX2 provided through API, the establishment of UGNX2 between PDM and data communications, as defined in the PDM application object, to achieve the integration of PDM and UGNX2. UGNX2 increase in the PDM menu, features include PDM system registry, file and check out the sign and so on, see Figure 2, and in the PDM system can be found UGNX2 drawings, see Figure 3.

Part of the source code is as follows:

# include "stdafx.h"

# include "Main.h"

UF_MB_cb_status_t Application (

UF_MB_widget_t widget

UF_MB_data_t client-data.

UF_MB_actiVated_button_P_t button).


If (UF_initialize ()! = O)


CwinDialog dig;

If (dig.DoModal () == IDOK) ()

UF_terminate ();



CAD-based PDM system integration technology research

Figure 2 UGNX2 menu of PDM

CAD-based PDM system integration technology research

Figure 3 browser in the PDM system drawings UGNX2

5 Conclusion

PDM system, a company combining the development and implementation of integration in the framework of PDM, the PDM system and the realization of integrated UGNX2 to resolve the CAD systems and PDM systems, such as business management software information between the island's problems, the establishment of a CAD system with other a bridge between the management system. In this paper, the application of different systems of information exchange and integration with some reference value of the product stream rich visual content management.

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