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Gear SolidWarks institutions based on Motion Analysis and Simulation

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0 Introduction

Gear is a variety of institutions in the most widely used as a transmission mechanism. It can be used to transfer the space between any two-axis movement and power, and has the power range, high transmission efficiency, transmission than accurate, long life and features such as safe and reliable. Gear gear mechanism as the basic component of the role can not be replaced, so the design of gears is particularly important. All kinds of gear in the machinery of the most widely used is a circular gear machinery, it can guarantee constant transmission ratio, so that the smooth operation of machinery to meet the needs of modern high-speed heavy-duty machine direction of the growing development needs. Spur gear is the basis of a variety of other gear, the gear is the most common.

SolidWorks software is designed specifically for the three-dimensional mechanical CAD software, which provides the parameters of a powerful and feature-based solid modeling technology, mechanical design, modeling has been widely used in industry. With ANSYS, ADAMS, such as a good combination of a variety of software modeling and simulation, it is truly WINDOWS-based software, simple operation, easy to learn and use.

1 to create three-dimensional solid model

As the solid model in SolidWorks can generate a number of different methods, the measures adopted to a more rational and efficient, the need for a process of experience. Generally speaking, according to the shape of graphics to choose a way to generate the model. Sketching as simple as possible, it is best not to draw the transition fillet, chamfer, and other non-critical information. First of all, the main use of SolidWorke stretching, rotating, scanning, the basic operation of the array devices to establish the work of three-dimensional solid model. Parts built model shown in figure 1.

Gear SolidWarks institutions based on Motion Analysis and Simulation

2 virtual assembly

The work of the 3D model of plant parts to complete, in order to create a virtual prototype of the needs of the various parts of the virtual assembly (see Figure 2). Module in the SolidWorks assembly will be completed in front of the added components, each alignment, in accordance with the formula of gear center distance, set the center distance between gears and give each other two of the gears to add a baseline distance between the axis with the . For the gear shaft, gear set with the match between the coaxial.

By identifying the location of components bound by the relationship between, you can work in all devices in 3D entities into a working device parts assembly, and check whether there is interference between the parts. If anything goes wrong, can be generated in accordance with the need to modify the characteristics of parts and the definition of work up to the design requirement.

Gear SolidWarks institutions based on Motion Analysis and Simulation

3 gears animation process

Animation COSMOSMotion use of plug-in SalidWorks. COSMOSMotion not plug-ins are usually the work of SolidWorks interface, the need to call in the Tools menu in SolidWorks COSMOSMotion, to appear in the interface plug-COSMOSMotion menus and toolbars.

(1) three-dimensional simulation of the collision contact state

C-axis in the second gear as an example, the action of specific production process stuffy as follows: in the design of motion analysis tree select the icon, three are set to gear parts 〔〕 campaign to add a rotation of each gear, vice, gear 1 vice to set up a rotating movement, see Figure 3.

Gear SolidWarks institutions based on Motion Analysis and Simulation

Take the initiative to drive the driven wheel turning round, the reality is the collision between a rigid body, so in the [bound] menu select [add 3D] collision order, the definition of the collision parameters, shown in Figure 4.

Control the use of animation tools for simulation results, can be seen from the operation of the gear mesh is to maintain good body condition and the movement of the assembly is in line with design requirements, at the same time, the output of the kinematic parameters of the gear curve.

Gear SolidWarks institutions based on Motion Analysis and Simulation

(2) Coupled Movement

Means coupling gear transmission ratio in accordance with the relationship between the uniform rotation, this is an ideal state of the motion simulation.

Select [Add〕 order coupling in the [time constraints] and [bound] column, select the design of the tree, respectively, [bound] the following revolute and revloute2. Driving gear and driven gear ratio of rotation angle of more than two teeth.

This simulation shows that the angular velocity of the gear curve is consistent with the theoretical value of the curve.

4 Conclusion

The use of SolidWorks software and its plug-in module production COSMOSMotion gears running animation models and their real bodies show gear assembly process and operation of the state, to a certain extent a reflection of the reality of sports gear. It applies to the design of product development, product design in the early stages of simulation or a virtual campaign to identify design problems, which can improve efficiency as well as lower production costs, facilitate the exchange of information products.

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