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Keyboard and mouse

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autocad users to work the system, the main input device is a keyboard and mouse, the following describes how to use the AutoCAD keyboard and mouse.
2.1.1 use the keyboard
Like with the previous version of AutoCAD, while providing the graphics window and text window. Usually in the graphics window and the status bar shows the part of the text between the window and the command line, as shown in Figure 2-1.

In the AutoCAD system to provide users with a number of command, the user can use the keyboard in the command-line prompt in the "Command:" After the importation of AutoCAD commands, and the enter key or space bar to confirm, submitted to the system to carry out this with the past in the DOS operating system in a similar situation. For example, in the command line, type the command "help" after the return, the system will enforce the court order to show the help information window AutoCAD2002.
In addition, users can also use the "Esc" key to cancel the operation, use the arrow up or down so that a command-line display on the command line or a command line.
Part of AutoCAD command system can use other commands in the course of the implementation of nested, this is known as "transparent" manner. Transparent implementation of the order can be referred to as a transparent command, usually can change the graphics settings, or drawing tools of command, such as GRID, SNAP, such as command and ZOOM. In order to use other, if we call transparent command, you can enter the command-line transparent command, and before it a single quote ( ') can. End of an order to implement a transparent, AutoCAD automatically revert to the original implementation of the order.
In addition, AutoCAD command system is the use of some form of dialog box to complete, and this type of order in general are another form of its corresponding, that is, the form of the command line. Usually a form of command-line command in the command with a hyphen before "-", for example, "layer" command form the command line "-layer". In general, the command prompt dialog box form and the form has the same function, but some order is not the case, their specific circumstances, we will in later chapters, respectively, are described.
Attention to the command line, type the command, can not enter a space in the middle of the command key, because the AutoCAD command line will be in a space equivalent to Enter.
If you need to repeatedly prompt the implementation of the same order, then in the first implementation of the order, you can directly press the Enter key or space bar to repeat the implementation, without further input.
Expert advice in the AutoCAD system, if a graphics file to open after an order has not performed any direct press enter or space key, the system will automatically "Help" command.
2.1.2 the use of AutoCAD in the mouse the mouse is the most important and most important input devices, there is no mouse will not be able to conduct operations in AutoCAD. The functions of a mouse to achieve the most basic is the use of its left and right of two keys, and some have a third mouse button, you can also AutoCAD2002 system. In addition, AutoCAD2002 also supports 3D, 4D mouse, and full use of itswheel to achieve greater functionality, allowing users to operate more arbitrary. The third button on the mouse and the 3D, 4D mouse see the use of Chapter 3 of the content.
(1) the left mouse button: The main function of the left mouse button is to select the object and location, such as the left mouse button click the menu bar to choose menu items, select the icon toolbar button, select in the graphics area, such as graphic object .
(2) the right mouse button: The main function of the right mouse button is a quick pop-up menu, shortcut menu will be in accordance with the position of the cursor and the system state varies. For example, directly in the graphics area will pop right-click shortcut menu shown in Figure 2-2; select a graphic object will pop up after right-click shortcut menu shown in Figure 2-3; in the text window District Right-click the pop-up menu as shown in Figure 2-4. There on the toolbar, status bar, etc. will also have a different shortcut menu, we will be at the back of the chapters in detail.

In addition, another right-click function is equivalent to the enter key, that is, command-line users can enter an order determining the right mouse button.
AutoCAD2000i prompted to start from, AutoCAD support for the left mouse button double-click feature, for example, in a straight line, double-click the object, such as tagging will pop-up "Properties (characteristics)" window, double-click in the text object is a text editor pop-up dialog box, in the Double-click the object pattern will fill the pop-up "fill pattern editor (HatchEdit)" dialog box and so on, see the relevant sections of the specific situation.

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