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Parametric design tools in the application of the equipment manufacturing industry

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0 Introduction

Equipment manufacturing industry is facing increasingly intense competition, how to make their products in the market to maintain its leading position; how to improve the complex product design, reduce the re-design; the question of how to proceed with the early detection and correct; how to make a higher quality of products, the question of less is to engage in each of the designers of the equipment manufacturing industry must face up to problems.

Achieve these goals there are many methods, such as: speed up the speed to market; to reduce development costs; improve the quality of products; to reduce material costs, as well as to reduce the fault at the scene or the introduction of more innovative products. However, both these methods of product design challenges. Only by relying on the three-dimensional design, the use of powerful CAD / cam / CAE software integration in order to maximize the improvement of design efficiency.

1 the characteristics of the equipment manufacturing industry products

1.1 The product structure of complex

Equipment, manufactured goods are usually mechanical, electrical, fluid, control engineering, as well as the complexity of computer-controlled combinations. In particular, hydraulic, electrical layout of the original in the whole complex, according to conventional methods, to be considered after the completion of the overall manufacturing of these arrangements would make it messy place, which at this stage "to choose products that not only the performance of the product at the same time the appearance of" the the concept of product to buy is out of tune. Means of traditional design and difficult to detect defects in the initial design, it is hard to avoid interference.

1.2 Production quantities for the single and small-batch production

Products are usually the size of the equipment manufacturing industry, a great weight, especially for mining machinery, as a result of the mine shape, Hang Hau size differences, such as geological conditions, even if similar products in the size will be very different, so usually only large-scale equipment manufacturing industry small batch production is the production of even a single incident. Therefore, objectively speaking, as the general machinery does not allow us to prototype product as trial, we must design and manufacture of advanced technology to ensure the timely delivery of products and reliability.

Long production cycle of 1.3

Manufactured products and equipment such as rack, cylinder block, cylinder parts are usually formed by casting or welding, in order to maintain dimensional stability when used in the process must be spent on dealing with the prevention of deformation; important axis, transmission parts usually rough forging, quenching and tempering the need to increase finished surface quenching; tanks, valve block parts of the process need to be more complex procedures; imports purchased some pieces of the Procurement cycle and even up to one year ... ...

2 Solidworks modeling methods

Solidworks software is based on the characteristics of the assembly to adopt intelligent technology, intelligent technology and mirror parts parts to complete the design of technologies such as a powerful three-dimensional software. 100% of the entire product design can be edited, part design, assembly design and engineering drawings related to the whole between. Machine design from time to time the bottom-up and top-down methods. Can be used in combination. The new design is usually top-down design method as a major.

2.1 Lifting the realization of Solidworks design process:

Figure 1 is a chart of auto parts. Design tasks: the pieces of the completion of the use of robot welding line, welding process is completed, a spreader designed product from the welding fixture to a safe location away from the crane.

Parametric design tools in the <a href=application of the equipment manufacturing industry" />

Figure 1 a auto parts map

According to an analysis of a given product: the products are thin-walled parts, so a reasonable way of clamping is the key, considering the production of equipment, products, weight and other factors, ultimately determine the positioning block placed in the central thin-walled products on board, to impose the corresponding folder location tight, and the entire spreader clamping lever with manual mode spiral. Thus the use of top-down approach, from the thin-wall surface as a benchmark for related parts modeling, until the completion of the design process.

2.2 an overview of the design process

(1) selection of the draft plan for the thin-walled inner surface datum, selected positioning block after the draft map;

(2) imposed on the draft "stretching" positioning block to generate physical characteristics;

(3) extend out from the positioning block to generate positioning fixture block, generated by the external roof;

(4) position by the positioning block to determine the location of clamping block and clamping block drawing sketches, generate tensile clamping block;

(5) in the positioning, clamping devices are identified, followed by the design of connecting rod, nut, screw,components such as transmission, and ultimately determine the rotation center of connecting rod, thereby to complete the design process. Figure 2;

(6) of the kinematic simulation of the structure: Parts assembly constraint is set up, the rotary clampingcan see the process of opening and closing of the block to test the reliability of clamping;

(7) when necessary can be an important key to check the intensity of incident;

(8) According to GB to generate two-dimensional engineering drawings and assembly drawings;

(9) to generate an explosion site map to guide the installation and debugging.

Parametric design tools in the <a href=application of the equipment manufacturing industry" />

Figure 2 The overall appearance of spreader

The advantages of 3 Solidworks

Figure 3.1 Three-dimensional visual components, precision

Three-dimensional design, designers can complete a reflection of the design intent. Directly to the designers of parts and components model of mind reflected in the computer, and then the way through the isometric map in two-dimensional drawings. Three-dimensional model of the exchange will not result in ambiguous drawings, all forms of information at a glance and can be seen through such means as cutting the internal shape, the exchange is very convenient. No longer the era of two-dimensional like the original, first of all to mind the shape of the components of the computer into two-dimensional map, and then the processing time workers but to the two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional model map to thinking.

Assembly using three-dimensional design, the location of the parts and components at a glance. SolidWorks using static and dynamic interference checking can be found on the computer on the problem of collisions between parts, rather than wait until after the discovery process.

3.2 geometry can facilitate access to physical

According to three-dimensional model, to facilitate access to parts of the focus location, surface area, volume, weight, moment of inertia and other physical parameters of geometry, if the shape of the model was revised, the above parameters can be automatically calculated, greatly simplifies the calculation of the volume of the designer . Products appearing in the asymmetric mechanical, the use of mirroring can be easily generated image components, avoid duplication of efforts.

3.3 to facilitate the realization of CAM

SolidWorks-generated three-dimensional model can be imported CAM software to generate NC code, the realization of CAD / CAM effective reunification.

3.4 in favor of the application in the design of finite element analysis

Through the kinematics, dynamics simulation, may exercise the inspection and elimination of interference, and the various components of the instantaneous displacement, velocity and acceleration, such as motion parameters, but also can be the interaction between parts, and for finite element analysis boundary conditions. Can be integrated directly using COSMOSWorks finite element analysis software embodies the CAD / CAE integration advantages.

The latest version 3.5 software with greater functionality

SolidWorks2008 is the latest version. It provides the Instant3D (real-time 3 D), can help designers of the products of their visual changes, and can be modified in real time to see results; size Experts (DimXpert) easily solves the gap between design and manufacturing issues. To the size of the marked characteristics of the actual processing based on these dimensions can be fully accredited workshop based on these dimensions can be processed into products qualified; DFMXpress can be used to check the design for manufacturability, allows users to design process at an early stage to identify difficult process, and processing costs of a higher or region can not be processed; DFMXpress site allows engineers to check the internal corner depression, deep or non-standard size and design are suitable for machining.

4 Conclusion

SolidWorks-designed products is the software, it reflects the thinking of human design, powerful design capabilities, will for us to improve the design efficiency and reduce production costs to provide strong support. At the same time, the implementation of concurrent engineering is the best choice for help with the supply of design engineers, sales, management personnel of barrier-free information exchange, joint evaluation of design options. As well as further promote the advanced manufacturing technology application in the equipment manufacturing industry to lay a solid foundation.

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