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SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

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About 1 SolidWorks and MasterCAM

SolidWorks software is mid-range three-dimensional CAD software, SolidWorks is DassaultSystem company's subsidiaries products, software is characterized by the most easy to learn and use, easy to master, the hardware requirements are lower. In addition, several hundred companies worldwide SolidWorks-based professional development project applications as plug-ins integrated into the SolidWorks software interface, including mold design, manufacturing, analysis, product demonstrations, data conversion, etc., make it a with the actual

Use of the software system solution, but to achieve in engineering applications require the support of other modules. MasterCAM U.S. NC Software companies developed CAD / cam system software, as a result of the processing features of excellence in the world has many loyal users, to be used in the Pan machinery, aviation, shipbuilding, mold and other fields. However MasterCAM design (CAD) function is relatively weak, when carrying out complex surface modeling more difficult, and this is where the advantages of SolidWorks. This article provides for the MasterCAM software, DXF, IGES, CADL, VDA, STL, PARASLD, DWG conversion, such as the standard graphics interface to other CAD software can be generated by changes in the cost of graphic graphics file system, the realization of graphics file-sharing. End of model-building process to choose a reasonable way, the use of MasterCAM turning, milling and wire cutting module to efficiently prepare a variety of CNC machining process, quickly and easily achieve the graphics function of the sculpture.

Solidworks therefore carried out using CAD design, CNC machining to combine MasterCAM, it has become the preferred mold Enterprise CAD / CAM methods.

Mold covered the following mobile phone as an example, the combination of MasterCAM9.0 in SolidWorks mold design and processing applications.

2 Based on the mobile phone cover SolidWorks Mold Design

solidWorks software has a strong modeling capabilities, using its tension, removal, drilling, chamfering, shell, curves and surfaces, such as an order to complete the design of various types of parts.

2.1 original design model

Mobile phone cover cases, the use of software to choose S0lidWorks parts, the first draft choice and the mapping of the draft, bound for the size and geometry constraints, and then proceed to stretch, cut, drilling, chamfering and so on to generate three-dimensional map.

Shell produced 2.2 phone processing

(1) SolidWork the production of mobile phone shell

If the above box to open the drawing parts, select the "Front View", insert "base-level 1", the "equi-distant from the" input box "10", the establishment of base-level 1, in Figure 1.

SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

In the "Front View" drawing elliptical surface graphics, choose "Tools / sketching tool / cutter" to cut a straight line on the oval, size settings, in Figure 2.

In the "base-level 1" on the drawing the same graphics, select "Insert / convex body Logefil / lofting," Setting pop-up dialog box, in the "Profile" box choose "Draft 1" and "Draft 2", select the graphics on the surface its rounded back edge of a radius of 10mm, in Figure 3.

SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

Select "Tools / sketching entities / text" in the graphics rendering on the surface of the text, and then click on the "Boss tensile / matrix" button, depth 1Mm, results in Figure 4.

SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

(2) Mastercam analog processing cell phone case

Mastercam interface open, click File / Converters / IGES / Read file, find and open documents stored, Solidworks and Masteream to complete conversion of graphic files, as shown in Figure 5.

And then go through the various steps of the processing site of selected ①, ② Tool Selection, ③ parameter setting tool (Figure 6), ④ processing path settings, ⑤ rough parameters, ⑥ finishing settings, such as setting parameters, the final completion of the NC cell phone shell programming. Select the line and map icon set.

SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

Completion of the various process parameters, the simulation of the following processing steps (Figure 7), the final shape shown in Figure 8. ① shape milling; ② textual surface milling; ③ milling the upper surface of the shell; ④ rough circle; ⑤ system-generated program (Figure 9).

SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

The use of MasterCAM9. 0 post-processing module, the corresponding numerical control machine tool selection system for post-processing procedures to generate the NC program. MPFAN.PST selected document MasterCAM9. 0 suitable for the machine tool will generate the NC program to run. MastexCAM software system for numerical control system in many developed after the match to deal with files (such as FANUC, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, etc.), select the corresponding post-processing document, you can directly generate a specific numerical control system of the CNC machining process requirements. Because this system is made in China Nanjing Huaxing 21M CNC, MasterCAM software system does not match the post-processing documents, automatically generated NC program can not be directly transmitted to the CNC machine tool for processing, the need for simple changes. Modify file transfer can be completed to the CNC machine tools to complete the processing of the workpiece.

SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

SolidWorks and MasterCAM one based on the CAD / CAM Research

Of the NC program automatically generated the following major changes in three areas.

① process by deleting the beginning of the end of the paragraph number of the system is not necessary in relation to the explanatory note of the program code, in the middle of the procedure used for description of the tool should also be deleted.

3 Conclusion

Introduced SolidWorks software MasterCAM 9.0 software and the function modules and workflow. Teaching model of mobile phone casings for example details of SolidWorks software MasterCAM 9.0 software and some basic operations, including the CAD part geometry, CAM simulation parts processing, NC code after the three-part process. In addition, introduced SolidWorks and MasterCAM software graphics file conversion software. Its intelligent 3D graphics features and MasterCAM software interface for graphics file conversion features combine to achieve optimum design.

SolidWorks software will be the advantages of CAD and CAM software MasterCAM organic combination of advantages, users can greatly reduce the precision cam design and processing time.

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