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SolidWorks on the bevel gear precision forging die design

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0 Introduction

Precision forging of bevel gear forging process is the gear teeth directly at forging out tooth surface is no longer to carry out precision machining of the forging process. Bevel gears are widely used in automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, tanks, such as the differential, the application of a wide range of high demand. With traditional mechanical cutting bevel gear production, slow and inefficient and poor accuracy. Hot precision forging of bevel gear forming technology has been mature, but closed in the cold forging forming technology, has yet to be further improved and improved method of cold forming of precision forging parts, raw materials savings and improve the mechanical properties of parts and satisfactory dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the parts, is a high-yield, high-quality, low technology, and its very substantial economic benefits?. But there are also large deformation resistance, and higher tooling and equipment and so on. So cold precision forging of bevel gear technology and die design and analysis is necessary.

Three-dimensional CAD systems have better modeling tools, to achieve "top to bottom" and "bottom-to-top" design methods, such as the realization of the complexity of assembly design process, so that the design more in line with the actual design process; three-dimensional modeling system can be easily connected with the CAE system for simulation analysis; to provide the information needed to CNC machining to achieve CAD / CAE / CAPP / cam integration. These three-dimensional CAD system based on the merits of three-dimensional design using SolidWorks software to complete the bevel gear and mold design.

l bevel gear precision forging process

With the cold precision forging and the rapid development of automobile industry with a net shape process. Precision forging of bevel gears have a continuous distribution along the tooth profile of a reasonable flow lines and compact metal body, the strength of the tooth, the tooth surface wear-resistant ability, heat deformation and meshing noise than cutting, such as superior processing gear. Gear material for high-strength alloy steel 20Cr, the state of its supply of high strength, deformation resistance, and less plastic, the existence of work-hardening phenomenon, it is difficult to carry out the cold deformation forming die. However, if the softening of the rough full annealing can reduce the deformation resistance and improve the indicators of plastic materials. Precision forging of bevel gear bending strength and improve fatigue life, heat treatment to reduce the deformation, reducing the cost of production. Comprehensive analysis, decided to adopt the cold forging forming process. Its process as follows: cutting a leaf annealing a cold forging of a finishing a storage test. Cold forging forming prior to the softening of the billets for processing, in between procedures to carry out annealing in cold forging processing prior to phosphating.

2 Die Design

2.1 forgings

Bevel gear components in accordance with plans and cold forging process the basic requirements for the design of the gear forgings. Sub-surface location of mode choice in parts of the outer diameter of the largest Department. Effective in ensuring long teeth under the premise of the big bevel gear cold forging forming process left over natural fillet, as shown in Figure 1.

SolidWorks on the bevel gear precision forging die design

Precision forging of bevel gears are the mold cavity surface modeling, complex shapes for fast and accurate access to high-quality surface shape, three-dimensional modeling software SolidWorks choose to complete the blank mold and the design of the geometric model. As a result of the theory of bevel gear tooth profile curve for the spherical involute, can not be carried out into a flat, bevel gear to a great three-dimensional modeling difficulties. In this paper, starting from the back cone theory, combined with involute equations and graphics design software command, maximizing the bevel gear of the real three-dimensional shape, as shown in Figure 2 bevel gear parts for the three-dimensional modeling. Figure 3 shows the use of SolidWorks software surface, such as typing the command line of the bevel gear design Die, as well as bevel gear technology in preparation for analysis of numerical simulation.

2.2 Die Structure Design

Bevel gear precision forging die of the working conditions is extremely poor, so the mold precision, strength, stiffness and life of a higher demand. Mold assembly shown in Figure 4, following the course of their work. Hydraulic press used for the general conduct of the workpiece forming closed-die forging. Add hours of work will be rough

SolidWorks on the bevel gear precision forging die design

Concave mold cavity 13, after a good place to be rough, on the downlink mode 3; when in contact with the rough mode 3, the reduction of the formation of the beginning of extrusion; as a continuation of the mode 3 under pressure, the stress ring 10 under pressure as a result of the role of and squeeze the lower part of the spring and then down, into the closed state of billet mold cavity, squeeze the completion of reduction, the beginning stage of upsetting extrusion; on mode 3, to continue down to reach the required travel date. On the return mode, the concave die 10 Circle 13, and stress the role of 8 in the spring to resume the initial state. After forming the bevel gear forging mandril in the last release under 19, take the forging, precision forging of bevel gear forming this process is complete.

SolidWorks on the bevel gear precision forging die design

Tooth bevel gear die precision forging is the most critical parts, the accuracy of its decision to the accuracy of bevel gear forging. Tooth die is not only the strength and life from the table to consider the materials used, but also from the die table to ensure that the structural design. In order to increase the strength of die profile, the use of modular structures. A system of floating and floating on the core module of the next set of portfolio structure, so that the forging of the ring in a closed cavity in the deformation, forging without flash, the radial size and high accuracy. Since the forging without flash, the level of projected area (forging area) small, forging the necessary strength of small, reducing the tonnage presses. Die as a result of the use of floating structure, floating mold cavity formed by virtue of his seniority to ensure the accuracy-oriented upper and lower die. Use this tool to achieve Blankholder spring, the realization of closed-die forging.

3D models of precision forging die 3

SolidWorks is a powerful CAD software. Three-dimensional shapes in the finished product on the basis of the model can achieve the dynamic visualization of the assembly process of the mold, the demolition process and the simulation is running. Bevel gear precision forging die of the three-dimensional shapes as shown in Figure 5, through the bevel gear intervened mold inspection and motion simulation, the design process early detection of problems, and related parts is improved. The final generated assembly and parts of two-dimensional engineering drawings.

SolidWorks on the bevel gear precision forging die design

4 Concluding remarks

The use of gear precision forging processes, can reduce raw material and energy consumption, lower manufacturing costs, but also to improve the mechanical properties of gear. Based on precision forging of bevel gear forming process, the design of the forging of a reasonable shape. The use of SolidWorks 3D design software to complete the workpiece and the precision forging of bevel gears of the three-dimensional solid modeling tool, die movement through the process of simulation, the design of early detection can help detect problems quickly to improve the structural design, in order to achieve precision forging die fast design, for the numerical simulation of precision forging technology lay the foundation for such research.

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