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TRIZ based on a new type of dryer chamber design

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0 Introduction

TRIZ theory, a model of the complex analysis of the actual product design role with a lot of guidance, in order to solve dryer in the van, the air only in the materials across the surface, a lower heat transfer coefficient, thermal utilization of poor , and materials needed for a longer drying time of the issue, the application of TRIZ theory

Objects - field analysis method, in view of the above questions the overall design.

1 TRIZ materials analysis methods

fGenfich S. Altshuler) on the function of a careful analysis, summed up: a function of three basic components, which co-existence of three basic components, constitute a function; a complete function must contain three basic components. In this function, the three basic components are: a field (F) and the two substances (S2, S1). One, S2 is the implementation body, S1 is the implementation of components. Together the three components that S2 field F through the effect of S1. Functional model complex field that can be used Figure 1.

Material - field analysis method is used to express symbolic systems modeling transformation is to determine the technical TRIZ theory an important tool for conflict. TRIZ theory of the function field model were constructed expression system of signs. Symbol system of symbols used to describe the system components between the two types and field types.

TRIZ based on a new type of dryer chamber design

Figure 1 material - field analysis model

(1) the effective role of symbols: - →

(2) less than the role of symbols: ... ... →

The type of field application of standard feet: Ftype form, in which Type can be: Me machinery field, E field, Ch chemical field, M the magnetic field and so on. For example: Fme that machinery market, FE that the electric field.

Effective system is used to describe the functional requirements to achieve the targets, the achievement of useful functions. Lack of role is used to describe the implementation of components to the components is scheduled to be executed, but the role of insufficient or inadequate to achieve the desired results. Symbols used to describe the harmful effects of the implementation of components on the generation of the implementation of components of the role of damage that did not meet the demand function. Through the material - an analysis of the market and establish a system to be a description of the design model to determine the technical conflict, to identify the crux of the problem.

Application materials market model of the process of problem solving, TRIZ theory in line with the application of the general steps for solving the problem. TRIZ is the process of solving the issue of standards, standards-based solution, and then in the standard solution on the basis of its specific practical issues have been the original understanding of the new. Therefore, the use of object-field model for the problem solving process as shown in Figure 2.

TRIZ based on a new type of dryer chamber design

Figure 2 TRIZ problem-solving process

TRIZ in problem solving for each model are set to provide a standard solution. 76 kinds of standard solution is a specialized field model applied to the solution of complex sets. According to the model were established by analysis of 76 kinds of standards can be found in solution as opposed to the standard solution of the problem. However, for a problem to the solution of 76 to 11 selection criteria is not an easy matter, therefore, TRIZ theory of these solutions will be divided into five categories, each category corresponds to the model number of specific issues, thus simplifying the work to solve the problem. These five types are: ① market model objects and destruction; ② enhanced field model objects: ③ transition to the super system and transition to the computer system; ④ detection and measurement system; ⑤ standard solutions for standard applications. The first category which is not suitable for complete model (used to build methods) and harmful functions (the use of harmful damage function approach) model. Categories II and III of the shortage of suitable role model material. The fourth category is suitable for detection and measurement of the functional model. Fifth category for the former to provide the use of standard categories.

2 to determine the issue of

Van traditional structure of the dryer shown in Figure 3, can be seen from the figure that the shape dryer like a car sub-shell is the insulating layer, which are widely used dryers for dry with a variety of materials, but the dryer the moisture content less uniform, the low drying rate, drying time, production capacity of small, low-heat utilization. Therefore, the use of complex models to solve the field.

TRIZ based on a new type of dryer chamber design

Figure 3 Box chart dryer

3 The establishment of model analyte

Shown in Figure 4, the use of the components of S1 material; S2 flow; field FTh. We can see from the chart, the functional components in the complete model, but the implementation of components on the impact of the implementation of components is not sufficient to meet system requirements, the need to strengthen the role of the model. Which S1, S2, respectively, as well as the flow of materials to be dried. FTh that a thermal field, dotted lines between the role that is inadequate.

TRIZ based on a new type of dryer chamber design

Figure 4 Non-functional model of a sound and effective

4 Solution of the standard solution

The current system functions as the need to strengthen the role model, should apply to categories II and III were field enhancement methods, innovation in this occasion the standard solution include:

(1) of S1 changes reflected in the practice of dry material on the pre-treatment, in the dryer before entering the chamber, can be carried out on materials dehydration, drying process to improve the drying efficiency.

(2) S2 changes to the design of the dryer using a different material, shape and surface processes, to more effectively improve the contact area, so that uniform contact with the materials and air flow to improve drying efficiency. Chart of the blade design can be to a certain angle with the material and the angle is adjustable, the angle can be changed by changing the size of contact area to ensure uniform heating.

(3) S1 changes may be introduced into a new market, such as mechanical field Fme, through the introduction of a circulation device materials produce eddy current, rather than laminar flow to improve the heating method, thereby enhancing the thermal efficiency. At this point, the original model into a physical field as shown in Figure 5.

TRIZ based on a new type of dryer chamber design

Fig.5 Function model of the modified effective

5 Conclusion

TRIZ in the complex - market analysis, the use of both substances and a field of these three basic components to express the function of technology systems, and reveal the function of the system mechanisms. Dryer from the van problems in model-building complex, complex-field model of the analysis, the application of 76 standard solutions to achieve the solution of the problem to determine the van's design program dryer.

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