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CMOS linear array sensor

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TAOS's CMOS linear array in addition to signal more sensitive to light, the spatial information can also be given. These devices in photodiode linear photodiode arrays can be sensitive to each incident, the output for the time and incident light and strong points is directly proportional to the analog or digital voltage signal. Features of the linear array 200,300 and 400DPI (points per inch) three types of pixels from 64 ~ 1280 points, the main parameters of the models listed in Table 1.

CMOS linear array sensor

TXL20X series of point density of 200DPI, pixel size of 120μm (high) × 70μm (width), as the pitch is 125μm. To simplify operation, the device only serial input (SI) and clock signal (CLK) signal to work properly, it uses 5V power supply, its schematic diagram shown in Figure 1.

As a result of TSL20X has a good consistency and linear, so that the array of devices or modules of the digital output voltage signal suitable for the needs of multi-gray level (8BIT) applications. The device with the microprocessor and the A / D converter of the interface is very simple, as shown in Figure 2 is used at the time of black and white and gray interface circuit.

CMOS linear array sensor

TSL14XX series of point density of 400DPI, pixel size of 55.5 (width) × 63.5μm (H), the pixel distance between the center of 63.5μm. The devices have all the characteristics of TSL20X series, and an array of pixels all have the same integration time. TSL2301/3301 is a high sensitivity, 300DPI optical sensor linear array, the device integrates an 8-bit ADC, as shown in Figure 3 is a schematic diagram. The array including pixel 102, the pixel size of 85μm (high) × 77μm (width), the heart of inter-pixel distance of 85μm. Each pixel has its own charge points / amplifier circuit and sample-and-hold circuit. Pixel all have the same cycle and sampling time points. The entire device can be divided into three districts, each district has 34 pixel. Can be individually programmed for each zone to adjust its gain and offset. Through the three-wire serial devices can not only start / stop points, to start ADC, such as the termination of reading instruction cycle operations, at the same time can also be used for more than 127 films cascade. Thus meet the high-performance, high sensitivity scanner needs.

CMOS linear array sensor

The use of CMOS linear array can be high-precision position-sensitive, edge detection, optical linear encoder cycle, marking detection and optical character recognition, and is widely used in paper processing, industrial automation, medical diagnostic and electronic products and other fields.

Table 1 CMOS linear array of the main parameters of the device

TSL201 TSL202 TSL208 TSL1401 TSL1402 TSL1406 TSL1410 TSL3301
Point density 200 1200 200 400 400 400 400 300
Pixels 64 128 512 128 256 768 12800 102
Rate 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1
Linear degree of 8-bit 8-bit 8-bit 8-bit 8-bit 8-bit 8-bit 1.5lsb
Output 1-channel analog 2-channel analog 1-channel analog 1-channel analog 2-channel analog 2-channel analog 2-channel analog 8-bit digital

TAOS's intelligent optical sensor chips in a single integrated signal conditioning, analog-to-digital conversion, such as OTA circuit, thereby reducing the peripheral circuits of the system designer needs, in particular the line out TSL3301 also integrates three-string I line interface circuit, which simplifies the sensors and microprocessors, digital signal processor interface, improved system reliability. Intelligent optical sensor to meet the diversity of the needs of a wide range of applications, product designers flexibility to choose when they need Shun-sensitive, so designers can provide great convenience.

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