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The use of video on the video package to accelerate FPGA development

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With the advent of next-generation video compression standards, the industry from the basic video processing to more complex integrated processing solutions for the transfer, which makes the system extends beyond the independent dsp whatever video performance. FPGA price of less than 30 U.S. dollars more than the DSP performance, providing 20GMACs, so as to cost-sensitive military, automotive, medical, consumer, industrial and security applications to fill this gap. Only the FPGA can provide complete end to end video solution logic, embedded processing, os support, and drive.

Prevent developers FPGA for video applications, factors that are not their lack of understanding of FPGA performance advantages, but rather a lack of experience in the use of its design process, for those accustomed to the traditional c programming language for DSP application developers is especially true .

Developers can take advantage of the flexibility to configure the FPGA-optimized application-specific hardware architecture, in order to play the device's performance advantages. This flexibility increased the degree of freedom for the development process, but also contributed to its complexity.

XtremeDSP Video Starter Kit (VSK) provides a comprehensive and user-friendly design environment. The development kit includes application examples, and fully supports the standard tool flow, which helps speed up the design process, and also still be able to achieve the end product differentiation.

Develop video applications using the basic platform

Known as the base platform provides a framework for embedded systems, which you can use the VSK to develop video applications. Basic platform is to use the Xilinx Platform Studio's Base System Builder (BSB) to create embedded systems, including a MicroBlaze embedded processor.

This framework provides a starting point for new designs, but also can be used as a convenient migration path to transplantation in processor-based systems developed on existing applications. In the MicroBlaze processor, it can easily be recompiled for the external processor arbitrary C++ code; high-performance video chain, once the access can be ported to FPGA from software architecture.

The use of video on the video package to accelerate FPGA development

Figure 1 of the base system with a video line

In order to assist the transplant, VSK includes a custom peripheral IP libraries, you can use the Platform Studio to easily customize them to add peripherals to the base system, you can also connect to the video interface, manage data frame and the implementation of memory access and the basic video processing. These custom peripherals include:

● DVI Input

● DVI Output

● camera

● Video Frame Buffer Controller (VFBC)

● video processing pipeline

This is ideal for VFBC need to use two-dimensional data in real-time hardware control to operate video applications.

VSK reference design with the prompt start of the development process

VSK provides three reference designs, the FPGA is used to quick start video applications running on the development process. Each reference design is built on the base platform, and uses the IP library VSK custom peripherals. Table 1 lists the various reference design and its video processing and display connectivity. These reference designs to provide a starting point can be further developed on this basis. Figure 1 shows how the DVI port through the access to basic system reference design.

With the model-based design to create video applications

To speed up the FPGA on the video applications, it is necessary to the performance-critical operations from the processor to run the software ported to the hardware. VSK supports a variety of hardware design process, including the use of VHDL / Verilog to play a solid background in hardware design process, but also with more abstract modeling environment (including C, matlab and Simulink) and require little or no hardware process design experience.

Table 1 VSK Reference Design Overview

The use of video on the video package to accelerate FPGA development

The MathWorks's Simulink is a model-based design environment, can be used to develop the algorithm model for video systems. The MathWorks for Simulink provides an optional set of video and imaging modules, including a rich set of video building blocks can be used to easily handle streaming video, and each step in the model displays the results.

Can be the first to use floating-point data types, as well as high-level video and imaging modules for video processing algorithms in itself establish an abstract model, then the designer's opinion, can balance the complexity, system cost and performance approach to optimization algorithms.

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