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Flexible framework for the realization of MCU products easily upgrade

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With the increasingly fierce market competition, how to make new products to market faster and become more and more engineering staff concerns. In the introduction to meet the demand for more high-performance upgrade products, original design flexibility becomes a key. Highly flexible design can effectively shorten the design cycle, so that new products enter the market quickly, you can achieve a minimum of input in order to obtain higher profits.

Reduce the escalation of input compatibility

Products often be upgraded with higher performance, integration, lower power consumption and more peripheral. How to input to at least meet these new needs? If the new product design can take full advantage of the intellectual property rights of existing peripherals (IP), then the investment in existing products in the transplant will be maintained when the external device driver software can continue to play a role.

To design the core mcu devices as an example, an 8-bit MCU-based low-end products and can upgrade, based on 16-bit or 32-bit devices use the same new product development environment, will greatly reduce the input and significantly shorten the development time.

Freescale's "Commonwealth controller (Controller Continuum)" is a compatible 8-bit and 32-bit architecture of the MCU product road map. Controller Continuum peripherals through the use of common equipment, tools and software for a wide range of consumer and industrial MCU product line provides compatibility closely.

MCU flexible framework

MCU compatibility comprehensive in the chip pin, peripheral interface and development tools, such as all aspects. If we can eliminate bit-bit boundaries, so that 8-bit MCU can be easily and more high-performance 32-bit MCU for each transplant. Designers can use the 8-bit and 32-bit devices to share the software and hardware development tools to develop new applications, and as the products mature and more easily upgraded to the next generation of products.

Flexible framework for the realization of MCU products easily upgrade

Figure 1 Controller Continuum product road map

Controller Continuum for example, contains a total of eight of the RS08, S08 and 32-bit ColdFire V1 ~ V4 six core. As shown in Figure 1, based on the S08 and ColdFire V1 core Flexis Series Controller Continuum is the connection point.

S08 is ideal for battery-powered devices, high-speed low-power core, RS08 core is a streamlined version of S08, for the following 16Kb flash memory devices and pin-less design. ColdFire V1 using the V2 framework with the two-stage fetch pipeline and two-stage operand execution pipeline. At the same time, V1 core S08 bus structure used for the realization of 32-bit performance provides an ideal entry point. Upward compatible with all ColdFire core's ability to ensure that the design can be upgraded to a higher performance.

Full compatibility

ColdFire V1 core-based MCU with a structure based on the S08 the same as the periphery of the product modules and development tools, as well as to provide upward compatibility and simplifying application design effective. Table 1 based on the S08 and ColdFire V1's Flexis series CPU mode of operation of the main characteristics are compared. The following as an example of the series will be introduced by the Controller Continuum provides full compatibility.

1 chip-pin

ColdFire V1 core to adopt a single-pin background debug S08 module (BDM) to achieve compatibility pin package. A new version of the debugger interface for the realization of BDM-readable trace buffer function, while maintaining the minimum processor overhead.

Background debug mode (BDM) was the same pin number one of the difficulties. BDM in the tradition of ColdFire is a three-pin serial interface (clock, data input, data output) to achieve, but also with the fourth root function of the needle to provide breakpoints. BDM support for inserting such a read / write registers and read / write memory command functions, but also can run and stop the processor and so on. As a result of more low-end applications for the S08, the pin number is also very limited, so traditional debugging ColdFire core image to be re-V1 for a single-pin interface, is fully consistent with the S08.

Table 1 S08 and ColdFire V1 core CPU model comparison

Flexible framework for the realization of MCU products easily upgrade

2 Development Tools

8-32 transition biggest challenge is to develop tools. The main development tools must be interchangeable, and when transplanted into 32-bit, 8 to give users the same look and feel simple. CodeWarrior integrated development environment to support Freescale 8-bit and 32-bit micro-controller software development. Using the latest version of CodeWarrior, the user can use the same tools, cables and CodeWarrior tools, directly off S08 and ColdFire V1 core replacement. Users only need to light a few mouse clicks, you simply re-compiled language with c code development.

If you use integrated into the CodeWarrior tool suite of rapid application development tool for the Processor Expert help, designers can further accelerate the development of applications. Processor Expert is the core of its expert knowledge base, it can only provide an effective graphical interface of choice, and can quickly specify the potential resource conflicts, so that developers will be able to in the initial design stage to solve such problems.

3 peripherals

V1 to S08 core with peripherals and tightly-coupled 32-bit local memory (flash and SRAM) standardized 8-bit bus, enabling the use of similar peripheral and memory modules.

4 At the same time meet the needs of low-power

To Flexis series as an example, the use of their design can achieve a whole series of the final product to minimize power consumption, but also there is no need for more high-performance peripherals and more extensive re-design, particularly suitable for cost-sensitive applications. V1 core uses advanced low-voltage, low-power process, whether it is still running in standby mode can provide a low-power 32-bit MCU. In addition, by virtue of its high power density can create many new applications.

ColdFire V1 MCU as a result of S08 devices with up to 10 times the performance, it is possible the application in a substantial increase in performance without having to increase the frequency. For those of EMC-sensitive applications such as electrical appliances, this will be an important advantage.

Such as the Freescale Controller Continuum line of highly flexible upgrade makes consumer and industrial products to expand into new markets is no longer required to repeat a large number of inputs and the exploitation of resources. If the latest entry into the market is based on the low-end 8-bit MCU products, the Controller Continuum, may make use of seamless compatibility using the same development tools for the design of high-performance upgrade products market. For example, pressure from the family table with wrist blood pressure to upgrade to the medical table, from the network to upgrade to security camera surveillance camera. Thanks to its comprehensive compatibility, Controller Continuum will in carrying out engineering design and monitoring of medical equipment, PoS, metering and consumer electronics applications such as the upgrade easier, while saving design time and cost, making new products more quickly into the market, more competitive edge.

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