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Freescale Flexis JM family of flexible controller to start the development of USB connections

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Freescale Flexis JM family includes the 32 MCF51JM128 (JM128) ColdFire mcu and 8 MC9S08JM60 (JM60) devices. JM60 and JM128 USB devices are software and pin compatible, enabling designers to quickly and easily from simple 8-bit design transplanted to the needs of the 32 performance of the application of more complex design.

JM Freescale devices can get the USB software free of charge, as well as the development board, reference designs, application notes, training and other support. This comprehensive ecosystem helps simplify development, the need for USB connectivity to enable the application of the listing as soon as possible.

Integrated software solutions

In order to maximize the designers to reduce development costs and time, Freescale CMX provided free of charge from the USB-Lite software stack to support the Flexis JM devices on the integrated USB modules. Software protocol stack source code available to developers to users. In the software solutions based on Freescale microcontrollers for the CodeWarrior Development Studio provides an integrated design environment to help speed up and simplify application development.

A wide range of USB applications

The Freescale Flexis JM devices enable a wide range of applications aimed at the achievement of universal plug and play connectivity economy, including:

PC peripherals

Data transmission equipment (Memory Stick)

Lighting control system

Test and measurement equipment

Patient monitoring systems

Security and access control panel

32-bit JM128 devices also integrate a controller area network (CAN) module, which is ideal for connecting industrial automation and control systems.

Freescale Flexis JM family of flexible controller to start the development of USB connections

32-bit Flexis JM: flexible design to achieve high-performance USB

The search for 32-bit performance and flexible USB connectivity for developers, JM128 MCU with an integrated USB controller to support USB 2.0 full-speed host, device and On-The-Go (OTG) configuration.

Other features include:

50.33MHz frequency of the V1 ColdFire core and 25.16MHz bus frequency

2.7V ~ 5.5V operating voltage range

128kB flash memory; 16kB SRAM

Integrated CAN module

Integrated encryption hardware unit growth rate (CAU)

Occurrence of random numbers accelerator (RNGA)

Low-voltage detection and the computer working properly (COP) module

12-channel, 12-bit ADC

2 SCI, 2 months I2C, 2 months SPI; 8-channel KBI

16-bit timer: 2 channel one, a 6-channel

80-pin LQFP, 64-pin QFP, 44-pin LQFP and 64-pin LQFP package options

-40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃ between the running

Freescale Flexis JM family of flexible controller to start the development of USB connections

8-bit Flexis JM

8 MC9S08JM60 device further extends Freescale 8-bit embedded USB controller product line, which has up to 60kB of flash memory, full-speed USB 2.0 device controller, and a 12-channel 12-bit ADC. S08 JM family of products also features a wide range of system protection features, such as low-voltage detection and the computer is running normal (COP) module. MC9S08JM60 device is ideal for a variety of industrial control and consumer applications including PC peripherals, diagnostic equipment, medical monitoring equipment and bar code scanners.

MC9S08JM60 device and the "controller of the Commonwealth" in the same as other USB microcontrollers from Freescale USB-LITE stack to provide support through the CMX. This provided free of charge to the USB protocol stack for certain applications HID and CDC to provide support, and free source code protocol stack is also available.

In addition, MC9S08JM60 and the "controller of the Commonwealth" of the other devices are software compatible, thus providing a high-performance USB to a micro-controller for the convenience of the path of transplantation.

Flexis USB evaluation system used to quickly design

Freescale Flexis JM family to provide for two types of assessment tools to help simplify the design process. Demo DEMOJM economical package with an 8-bit or 32-bit Flexis JM daughter board allows developers to experience 8-32 compatibility. JM128 devices EVB51JM128 the full-featured evaluation system will also allow developers to take full advantage of 32-bit solution provides performance and integration of other functions.

Two kinds of development tools included with a suite of DVD, which includes a special edition of CodeWarrior tool suite, as well as free of USB protocol stack. It also provides sample code, tutorials and application notes, can help developers to improve efficiency, truly out of the box. Flexis JM devices are now shipping samples. 8-bit Flexis JM60 devices are currently available in volume quantities available. 32-bit Flexis JM128 devices planned to start in September 2008 production.

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