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Intelligent design dumbbell

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With the standard of living and raising the level of awareness, people are starting to pay more attention to their own health. Fitness is not only a means to maintain health, but also become a fashion. However, due to living space and a number of other practical factors, not everyone will choose the largest fitness equipment. Space small, easy-to-use dumbbell also be a good choice. Intelligent design is a dumbbell-like, as a private coach, you can be on personal training guide.

Smart dumbbell main module consists of three components: human-machine interface module, MC9S08QG8CPBE module and three-axis acceleration sensors MMA7260QT small scale module. Among them, small-scale three-axis acceleration sensors for detecting MMA7260QT training modules are the high lift dumbbells and hold this high degree of acceleration. MC9S08QG8CPBE module of A / D converter for reading the output signal, and show the effects of exercise.

Introduction MC9S08QG8CPBE

Is MC9S08QG8CPBE Freescale 8-bit microcontroller series of highly integrated devices. MC9S08QG mcu integrates those usually only the larger, more expensive components before the performance, including the background debug system and can be built to capture real-time bus-line simulation (ICE) functions, with one-way interface for debugging and simulation. Characteristics of the product also includes a programmable 16-bit timer / pulse width modulation (PWM) module (TPM). Compact structure, high integration achieved MC9S08QG8CPBE rich peripherals Freescale HCS08 core with a combination of superior performance, including longer battery life (even if the operating voltage as low as 1.8V, also to maximize the effectiveness of), the industry's leading The flash technology and innovative development support. Such as wireless communications, hand-held equipment, small household electrical appliances, based on the simplified media access controller (SMAC), toys and so on, require a higher power consumption and size of applications, MC9S08QG8CPBE are excellent solutions. The product is authorized to use the SST's SuperFlash technology.

Introduction MMA7260QT

MMA7260QT low-range three-axis acceleration sensor is widely used in mobile hard disk, mobile phones, laptops and all kinds of MP3/MP4 players, handheld devices, such as identification campaign. It uses a signal conditioning, single low-pass filter and temperature compensation technology, and provide four-range, the user can select the sensitivity of four. The device with a low-pass filtering and zero-g compensation has been done.

Small-scale three-axis acceleration sensors to detect object movement and direction sensors, it is based on object movement and direction of change in voltage output signal. The axis of the signal in the non-movement or not the state of gravity (0g), its output of 1.65V. If the movement along a certain direction, or by gravity, the output voltage will be in accordance with its direction and the setting of the sensor sensitivity change. MC9S08QG8 MCU with A / D converter to read the output signal, it can detect its movement and direction. When using the MM-2860 and CT-298 when RD3152MMA7260Q.EXE software can be downloaded through the USB interface for the acceleration of data collection and analysis.

System block diagram

MC9S08QG8CPBE this design uses a microcontroller as a "dumbbell set detection system" to control the core, the use of small-scale three-axis acceleration sensors (Model: MM-7260) acceleration detection module, as shown in Figure 1. System has the following advantages:

(1) MC9S08QG8CPBE microcontrollers for a variety of complex algorithms to provide a guarantee to achieve;

(2) small-scale three-axis sensor module to speed up the use of the fitness to improve the accuracy of the strength testing;

(3) optimization of software algorithms, intelligent analysis of the strength analysis makes a more reasonable fitness.

Intelligent design dumbbell

Software Process

Full comparison of assembly language and c language, the decided to adopt the C++ language as a programming tool, because the habit of thinking in line with the C language, the application of a flexible algorithm for calculating a powerful, strong readability procedures to facilitate the processor in different inter - transplantation, thus greatly simplifying the system involved in programming the control algorithm.

Procedures in the preparation of the system, using the compilation method of the modular structure. Figure 2 is the main program, first of all, to start A / D converter modules, repeated to determine whether the conversion has finished, if the conversion has finished MC9S08QG8CPBE microcontroller to read from the conversion result, and then proceed to digital filtering, and with sound and LED at the same time reflect the exercise of this effect, LED with red, yellow and green three colors, respectively, outstanding, secondary, the next effort, and sound. If the training goes beyond the exercise of human strength, has been flashing red lights will be issued a warning.

Intelligent design dumbbell

Intelligent design dumbbell

Intelligent design dumbbell

Intelligent design dumbbell

Intelligent design dumbbell

Intelligent design dumbbell

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