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Wireless Remote Control LED Clock Screen Design

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LED clock display prolonged use, would produce a certain cumulative error, it required the use of correction for some time, but the clock display screen, usually placed at the higher, the time of adjustment and the modification of staff to climb high operation, neither convenient nor safe, how to improve the circuit structure, the design of safe, useful electronic remote control circuit is a lot of fans have been of concern. The system design of a wireless remote control using modified clock LED clock display data.


1 remote control transmitter

Wireless Remote Control LED Clock Screen Design

Figure 1 Block diagram of the remote control transmitter

Remote control transmitter button 6 by, F06A launch wireless chips, diodes, such as four isolated components. As shown in Figure 1.

2 LED clock screen control system

Control system by remote control receiver module J06A, Microcontroller AT89S52, real-time clock chip DS2321, EEPROM, LED drive circuit, etc..

Wireless Remote Control LED Clock Screen Design

Figure 2 LED clock screen control system block diagram

Hardware circuit design

1 radio-controlled transmitter

Circuit shown in Figure 3, components used to launch self-F06A encoder module, the launch frequency stabilized at 315MHz, an operating voltage range of 3 ~ 12V, transmitting power to 10mW. The system uses two 3V button battery can work for more than six months. The module has an 8-bit / 3-state address code, used to identify the fired-one correspondence with the receiving device to prevent the remote control for other effects of electrical malfunction. The module is installed, the first eight address the appropriate client code connection (code), its address, such as access to 1,2 for the high, the address code is 11000000. There are four data pins D1, D2, D3, D4, the design of four key data terminal connected to S1, S2, S3, S4, S1 switch for function keys, S2 to adjust the "Add" button, S3 adjustment " by "key, S4 to confirm key. At the same time, the expansion of two key S5, S6, respectively, as a key to open and close the display shows key. LED indicator light for the keys, S7 part of a power switch for the remote control. The module for normal firing distance 10m, plus if a single strand of about 24cm antenna, fired from farther away.

Remote control receiving part 2

Receive part of the remote control shown in Figure 4, receiver modules and matching F06A use J06A, the mode for the operating voltage 2.6 ~ 3.6V, receiver sensitivity for 5μV, there are eight of its address for client to use when connecting with Address transmitter module of the same code. The module receives frequency of 315MHz, it will receive the remote signal through the internal demodulation, decoding, and the transmitter back into the password exactly the same signal, from its four data output of the single-chip all the way to the P1.0 ~ I P1.3, and the other the path of isolation diode D7 ~ D10, transistor Q8 to control the turn-on, so have a single-chip INTO interrupted, single-chip will be P1.0 ~ P1.3 information and contrast information in the original set after which the implementation of the corresponding operation.

Wireless Remote Control LED Clock Screen Design

Figure 3 launch some radio-controlled circuit

3 DS3231 real time clock chip

DS3231 is a low-cost, ultra-high-precision real-time clock chip (RTC), chip integrates high stability with temperature compensation crystal oscillator circuit, in -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ range of ± 2min annual clock accuracy. With other programs based on the crystal in comparison, DS3231 temperature range in the time precision can be improved by 5 times. RTC provides seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years, such as information, a leap year with the amendment, and with its own battery, in the absence of an external power supply can be the work of 10 years. Also provides two programmable alarm clock and a programmable square-wave output, I2C data bus bi-directional transmission. 16-pin package.

4 EEPROM 24C08

The 24C08 is 8KB encryption does not have electrically erasable PROM, and second-line protocol I2C bus compatible 8-pin package, small size, low power consumption, ease of use, storage, simple structure, only to read and write functions of the two operations in the password used to store information on the remote control and clock chip information.

5 LED drive circuit

Part of the display driver IC used MBI5001, it has a latch function and shift function for the string into and out of the 8-bit register. Specific control for the first piece of input data MBI5001 client to connect to the SCM SDI serial data output, it SDO data output connected to an under-side of the SDI, the tablets are formed the same way cascade. The film corresponding CLK, LE, OE-side, respectively, in parallel, as the shift of the data signal into serial data latch output signals and data signals latch side of the connection.

Wireless Remote Control LED Clock Screen Design

Figure 4 part of the remote control receiver circuit

6 selected single-chip AT89S52, the external crystal frequency of 12MHz. Lattice for the use of LED digital display shows the design assumptions for the four characters (based on the specific needs of the design shows the actual number of characters). P2.4 mouth with the first single-chip-chip display driver SDI data input connected to the serial data communication, P2.3, P2.2, respectively, then all I MBI5001 common clock and input signal input into the latch I, P2.1 used as input signals the output latch. I then P1.0 buzzer, when the query of the remote control signal input when calling. And DS3231 Real Time Clock EEPROM24C08 support I2C bus and two-way data transfer protocol, P3.0, P3.1 I SCL and SDA are input through the I2C bus and the data exchange between the CPU.

software Design

The main program's main features include: set up the stack, timer and serial port initialization, interrupt settings of the parameters used to initialize some of the registers and signs, monitoring the completion of the keyboard so that when a button is depressed the implementation of the corresponding operation; when there is no next key press, the DS3231 to read the clock and data and data processing, such as clock and data into the display buffer, etc., and finally will show the buffer zone would also like to send serial data shows. As shown in Figure 5.

Wireless Remote Control LED Clock Screen Design

The main program flow chart of Figure 5

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