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In Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire Wildfire 3.0 How fast print

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Quick print parts or components

In the use of standard applications (parts or components) can use the "Quick Print" command ( "File"> "Quick Print"), direct the activities of the model map view, without having to manually create the drawing.

Through the designation of the following configuration file layout and printer, you can create a chart:

Manual layout - the specified number of each page view, has been named view, each has been named the ratio of view, as well as the display model of each view.

Projection layout - have been named in accordance with the view to choose the layout of the projector.

Drawing templates - Use templates in every aspect of the definition of the layout (except for the printer configuration).

The map reflects the current model of the layer settings, simplifying the said state of decomposition of the state and regional pruning, and it seems to create and a map of where they appear in the drawing. In Pro / ENGINEER will automatically wipe the process used to create a map in addition to the documents. (Figure 1)

In Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire Wildfire 3.0 How fast print

Directly out of the configuration of Figure

Settings directly in the map, use the following configuration options:

quick_print_plotter_config_file - specified in the use of "quick print" command when the default plotter configuration file (. pcf) path.

If the plotter is set to ms_print_mgr, you do not need other options. If it is not set to ms_print_mgr, should be to add a plotter configuration file plot_file_dir and plotter_command value.

If you do not set quick_print_plotter_config_file, is it the default for <Pro/E_loadpoint> / text / plot_config / postscript.pcf (in UNIX) and the / text / plot_config / ms_print_mgr.pcf (in Windows on).

In the "Quick Print" dialog box definition. Pcf will cover configuration options set.

quick_print_drawing_template - specified in the use of "quick print" command and the "Drawing Template" selected as "Show the layout of the definition of" default drawing template file when the path.

"Quick Print" dialog box may be some settings plotter configuration file in conflict settings. For example, the plotter configuration file settings plot_access and allow_file_naming may be "quick print" in the covered set.

Plotter configuration file settings will be some "quick print" ignored, because they do not apply to "Quick Print." Plotter configuration file to be "quick print" Ignore the settings including paper_size and paper_size_allowed. And "quick print" plotter for use with configuration options, including plot_label, plot_sheets, plot_file_dir and plot_segmented.

The layout of the use of projection rapidly print parts or components

Click "File"> "Quick Print", the "quick print" dialog box will open. The "projection layout" selected as "Show the layout of the definition of" when, in accordance with the following process.

In "a map configuration file" box, type the plotter configuration file. Pcf path, or click the "Browse" and select the file.

If you set the configuration options quick_print_plotter_config_file, the definition will be automatically plotter configuration file path. Can be another type. Pcf file path or browse to the file to override the configuration options.

Click the "vertical" or "horizontal" to specify the direction of the page, and click the "standard size" box to select the page size.

To view the same proportion for all modeling and display view, click the "view for all to use the ratio of view" and "view for all use of the display model" check box. Attention to the "main view" of the "view ratio" and "show style" default values listed in the dialog "view" area.

To specify a particular view and displays the proportion of shapes, clear these check boxes.

Click the "master" view of the "Save the view name" box, and then choose another name, or retain the default "standard orientation" name.

In the "view ratio" and "show shape" box click to select a new value or form, or to accept the "main" view the default values.

In the "view layout" area, click the slide you want to view. Projection view to determine the layout and positioning of the view.

Projection view in the "view layout" area of the box without labels.

If necessary, click on a general view. General view of each are listed in the dialog "view" area.

If you select "view for all to use the ratio of view" or "view for all the use of display design," then "view ratio" and "show shape" of the value of the initial default for the "master" view of value. If you change the "main view", or any general view of the "view ratio" or "show value" value listed in the value of all views will change.

If you clear the "view for all to use the ratio of view" and "view for all use of the display model" check box, you can "master" view or make changes to any general view, and will not affect other values.

Click "OK" to parts or components of the plan.

If you can not find a plotter configuration file, or the lack of necessary documents the value, or plotter to generate the file error, then you click "OK" an error dialog box will open. As the error may be, you can redirect to the correct plotter configuration file, or edit from the dialog box plotter configuration file.

If the definition of the model grid and the layout of the map projection or manually view the layout view will be automatically in the right direction with a map of all the view grid model.

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