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Constitute Symbain OS software

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Symbian os software, including a four-part composition (component type): core (Kernel), the application (Application), the server (Server), engine (Engine).

What is the core (Kernel)?

Kernel is the software used to manage the hardware.

Thus, we can easily think that the kernel side of the hardware and other components (application, server, engine) intermediate, and other natural components is to visit the hardware, which are required to

To be dependent on the core. Then, we will ask, Are these hardware resources are not accessible to you? Clearly, other components of the visit is for the hardware to be controlled by the kernel.

So that we can conclude two things:

1, the kernel can directly access the hardware, while other components for other hardware to provide access to the API.

2, the kernel controls the other hardware components for the visit, which mainly reflected in the control access levels and priorities.

Then the kernel and system hardware is how to interact between them?

Kernel running on the main CPU on, CPU will be the implementation of a number of priority based on the core of the instructions, the kernel will use the priority of CPU instructions to get access to hardware resources.

Therefore, the kernel and other components of Symbian OS is a clear distinction between, and this difference mainly reflected in the visit of the system hardware. The dividing line between them is called the border authority.

What is the application (Application)?

Application (Application) running in user mode, which users can interact with a visual user interface.

For applications, need to know is this: every application running on an independent process, they have their own independent address space. Different applications as the process of border demarcation line.

Applications were usually divided into two parts: a graphical user interface (GUI) and engine (Engien).

What is the engine (Engien)?

Engine in your application not involved in direct interaction with users, and its main function is used to manipulate the data. Engine applications can be an independent program modules, DLL file or a collection of DLL files, so the application engine and the boundary is the boundary module or DLL.

What is a server (Seerver)?

Server (Server) and applications just the contrary, it does not have visual user interface, this system with Windows in a similar service. Servers generally run on an independent process, the server only when a number of closely related functions, they will share a process. Therefore, the dividing line between the server is the process of the border.

Server is used to do what?

Server is used to manage resources, each server manages one or several system resources. Relative with the server the client (CLIENT), the client services provided by the use of the server.

What then can be used as components of the type of client do?

Application server for services; server can also be servers for other services, so clients can be servers, as well as applications.

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