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Embedded Development: mobile Linux operating system in literacy

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Faced with Symbian and Microsoft's WinCE two camps, pushing open architecture to empower low-cost, abundant resources, such as the development of the advantages of Linux smartphone operating system whether there is an opportunity to a new generation of smart phone market emerge and become the attraction concern. Concern for the Linux people, and let the readers to follow our articles, to understand the Linux operating system smartphone Many Lives, Many Masters.

LINUX freedom

Let us look at Linux software Linux smartphone operating system, after all, only a branch of its application. The emergence of Linux, the first started in the name of Linus Torvalds, a computer amateur, when he was a student of the University of Helsinki, Finland. His purpose is to replace the design of a Minix (by a computer named Professor Andrew Tannebaum the preparation of a teaching program operating system) operating system, the operating system can be used for 386,486, or Pentium processor personal computer and has the full functionality of the operating system Unix, Linux and thus began the design of a prototype. Simply put, Linux is a free to use and free dissemination of the type of Unix operating system, it is mainly for Intel x86 series CPU based on the computer. The system is all over the world by the tens of thousands of programmers to design and realization. Its purpose is to establish the commercialization of the software is not subject to any copyright restrictions, the whole world can be free to use the Unix-compatible products.

In recent years, Linux free, free, open source as a weapon, after the Internet from all over the efforts of programmers around the world, together with IBM, SUN and other support for the computer giant, Linux operating system market rise, the server version of Linux , desktop version of Linux, embedded Linux has been widely applied to inputs, based on the Linux applications and application development to all areas of infiltration, cell phone manufacturers as part of airport launched a Linux phone. At present, many mobile developers themselves do not want to be controlled by others in the operating system program and increase the cost of product development, and the open source Linux is the best starting point. Because many companies in the Linux desktop application development experience and to promote their products towards the end smartphone development, domestic-based operating system for embedded Linux application developers developers far more than desktop applications, Linux has the greatest freedom to the development group. In addition, because of its open system so that engineers can have a better understanding of, and program-specific hardware requirements and product optimization, by understanding the source code for the development of many applications.

The reasons for the use of Linux operating system is to reduce the cost of production of smart phones. Linux development is characterized by the most up fundamentally open-source, compared with other systems using the Linux open-source mobile phone operating system can greatly reduce costs. But there is a benefit of open source is to allow handset manufacturers in accordance with the actual situation, the development of targeted mobile phones to suit their own Linux operating system, This will not only allow their own unique products, while avoiding others, but also to meet users applications. To the present, the application of mobile phones from simple calls and e-mail transmission, the development of Web browsing and camera photography, photo editing, animation and many other aspects of play, so that the size of mobile phone software development is 3 times more than 5 years ago. For this reason, the development of Linux OS, developers and other education costs a lot of cuts, which will be listed on the product more competitive.

System to explain the advantages of

Linux operating system in use is also very obvious advantages. First of all, the consumer is used in smart phones used by the Linux operating system and we often talk about applies to the Linux computer operating system is a system and are operating system-wide free of charge. Free operating system, it means saving the production cost of the surcharge on to the consumers will be less, has brought benefits to everyone. Linux operating system resources occupancy rate relatively low, and relatively stable performance, which are recognized by all. Can bring about the rapid use experience on the same hardware configuration, can be other smart phone operating system is not happiness. If the Linux platform, the extent of the system resources occupied WindowspMobile with bulky compared to the results can be imagined. In the java mobile phone has become an increasingly widespread application of the time, Linux operating system and integration of JAVA, is any one operating system can not match, Linux + java applied in such a manner to the user able to greatly expand the space.

Relatively speaking, Linux operating system has many shortcomings. Linux operating system as a result of involvement in the field of smart phones later, the use of this relatively small mobile phone operating system, so a small number of users for those produced by third-party software is also very little impact on the Linux operating system in the field of smart phones to expand the forces. Linux platform in development, compared to the requirements of manufacturers, the industry needs a more powerful high-capacity software design, security, real-time performance, power management, Linux smart phones are natural defects in the operation.

LINUX camp

Motorola Symbian camp in order to reverse the disadvantageous position to occupy the smart phone market, has long been the topic of "Linux + Java" the development of ideas. Currently, Motorola's investment in Linux is at the original capital. It is reported that the development of Motorola Linux-based operating system with the autonomy of the three years, investment in R & D expenditures of up to 150 million U.S. dollars. Samsung in September 2003 launched the first Linux-based platform for CDMA smartphone SCH-i519, allegedly with PC-level processing power to exploit the wireless applications CDMA1X network features, including a handwriting input, Internet, send and receive mail, multiple functions such as camera-shot. NEC has also repeatedly stressed that its 3G mobile phone is almost 100% high-end products will be used to disclose their Linux.NEC also is developing a mobile phone is a Linux kernel using MontaVista's the MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition, and will increase on the basis of X Window System GUI System, GTK + and glibc, such as software, and plans to data processing, multimedia technologies and applications talk to the middleware technology to Linux in order to create a rich mobile Linux software platform.

As early as 2000, the South Korean company to launch the first PalmPalm on Linux using the Tynux phone. In January 2003, NEC announced that it will use its mobile Linux operating system, Linux represents a success in the field of mobile phones. Motorola A760 has now published the first to get into the market, get the NEC, followed by an intelligent system using a Linux mobile phone began to grown, the South Korean mobile giant Samsung, LG has also joined the Linux camp, mobile intelligent system. On China-made mobile phones, the major domestic manufacturers to launch smart phone since last year up to now has entered a stage of rapid development. Included in the national 863 Program of ZTE e3 the introduction of smart phones, on behalf of the domestic mobile Linux smartphone in the highest achievement. Linux made by phone can make a stand up battle, or in doubt.

LINUX operating system support models: Motorola A768I, Motorola A780, Philips 968, Haier N60, ZTE E3.

As a result of a powerful combination of smart phones running the hardware capabilities and an open software operating system, so whether it is entertainment or business applications, smart phone features are in strong support of third-party software access to an unlimited expansion. Therefore, the cell phone market in the future, the smart phones will lead the development trend of the entire mobile phone, and not confined to high-end mobile phones now. Future trends in mobile phones is an open system will be gradually squeezed out closed systems and proprietary systems. At the same time, the products will be launched in the portability and functionality to achieve a balance as much as possible. On behalf of freedom and a more open attitude of the Linux plays an important role, Linux's great strengths, we will wait and see.

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