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Palm Pre performance comparison with the iPhone

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Palm Pre First, the implementation of multi-tasking ability. Although Apple's iPhone is very pretty, and a high degree of user-friendly, but it is not a true multi-tasking system, and the ability to multi-task to deal with the basic characteristics of the computer. Windows mobile has been the realization of multi-tasking to deal with for several years, but the recent Sony Ericsson Xpeia and the HTC Touch and Pro built up a good user interface, its ease of use and Palm together something of the WebOS.

Second, the recent rumors from various sources the amount of memory the new iPhone will reach 32GB. Frequently listen to music and watch video of people who are naturally good thing. Palm Pre only 8GB, but I think still very good, and for music and video needed to be sufficient. If I also want more places to dispose of and work-related things, I may not upload them to iTunes such a system (I prefer to use WinAmp's built-in software to upload my favorite songs), this I will be the case with a U disk or other things a greater capacity.

Third, Palm has not really allow anyone to play through WebOS, and in addition to the existing number of applications has not released a new addition to the application. Interested in the confidentiality of the other manufacturers may be the os in order to prove the Palm is the real Pre smartphone.

It is undeniable that the enormous success of iPhone all the handset manufacturers have entered a revolutionary mobile device, a pocket of a micro-computer, your cell phone at the same time. iPhone set a high starting point, but Palm will use its WebOS were even higher. Linux-based mobile phone there a long time, but the Palm user interface to come to a new height.

Nokia N97 to 32GB in storage scalability coupled with an easy win. It is also equipped with a Nokia mobile phone best camera ever: 500 million pixels, auto focus and LED flash. But I do not know why the white and brown colors were selected for the fuselage, ugly death of the!

Strom2 BlackBerry RIM has been advised there is no point SurePress offensive touch, but also has a 3.2 million-pixel auto focus camera, 3.5 mm headphone plug, and USB charger.

There are more than four mobile phones for the following questions:

1. The next generation iPhone will increase in the end what? 3G users will now think that its worthy upgrade?

2. This economic predicament, the consumer will have a N97 for 695 U.S. dollars to pay it?

3. BlackBerry users as well as a small part of Storm users will not upgrade to the capacitance screen?

4. Palm Pre and how many fans will win WebOS?

The answer will be announced in the summer.

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