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Sybase Anywhere use WM

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database application development has been the development of business applications is an important component. In traditional application development, we used a large relational database. However, in WM device, because of its own, we are unable to be large-scale relational database installed on the top. Therefore, some database vendors have also launched the database based on the WM device. At present, we believe that more use of SQL CE. However, as a powerful database, it is presented today to the development of sybase Inc. Sybase Anywhere 11.

WM in the database, we usually use SQL CE. However, the functions of SQL CE is very limited. To be blunt, is not a database, you can see it as a file. Recorded data.

If you need to WM is a powerful database to operate, and you can pay the cost of certain words. It may wish to read this article in the introduction. How to use Sybase databases WM.

Sybase Anywhere is to require full-featured database designed tasks and products. It can run under different environments. Can now be based on a number of different platforms (Windows / mac OX / Linux, etc.). Make full use of its available memory and resources, show better performance. Therefore, Sybase Anywhere is suitable for the following:

1. As small and medium-sized business database server

2. Embedded device database

3. mobile Computing

It's a powerful advantage:

UltraLite deployment options and the MobiLink synchronization technology for those who have limited resources to provide a comprehensive database of device function.

MobiLink synchronization, can synchronize SQL Server / oracle and other databases.

Sybase Anywhere in the provision of the two versions of the database server:

1. The personal database server

For individual users to use a computer.

2. The network database server

Support multiple client / server communication between, and includes the functions of the personal database server.

The following describes how to start Sybase database entry.

First of all, we went to Sybase's Web site.

Download SQL Anywhere Studio 11. Need to fill in personal information under. Later registration key will be sent to you to fill in the mail.

After download and installation. After installation is complete, you can see in the menu.

Sybase Central, through which we can create a database, use the MobiLink synchronization operation. A very convenient platform.

We focused on how to install the WM system.

First of all, we run the "deployment of SQL Anywhere for Windows Mobile"

Choice of Chinese, according to the next step.

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

Select the installation folder, do not need to modify the basic, according to the next step.

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

To generate a CAB package options that are included in the function. As can be seen include the default database, synchronization and information, as well as some examples.

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

Can be modified to generate the CAB to the package name, select the directory to generate.

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

Thus, the generation has finished, we can choose to deploy to WM, the CAB can also be copied to the device package to the deployment.

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

WM to launch our simulator, and computer synchronization.

CAB installation package.

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

The installation process, the need for more space indeed. If the installation fails, they can get rid of some software, and restart the system.

After installation, we can in the "Start" - "process" - "SQLAny11" directory to see some Sample and Server start-up items.

We first test whether the installation is successful. Click "ADO.NET Sample".

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

Point connection, pop-up dialog box that success. Point of the implementation of SQL scripts, remove the data.

WM on the use of Sybase Anywhere (1)

Successfully installed in SQLAny11 in WM.

Sybase Anywhere 11 provides many of the objects within the system, such as system tables, such as some system function, we can use them more convenient to implement and monitor the application of our database.

In the follow-up article, we will step by step on how the simple use of the WM system, Sybase Anywhere database.

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