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WinCE Emulator using introduced

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WinCE recently spent some of the simulator, I do have several years WinCE, WinCE has never used the simulator, the first contact when WinCE is a S3C2410 and the board PB4.2 development platform, and then began to toss about, Later, a variety of development boards are used, WinCE version from 4.2 version uses a 6.0 R2 is not used simulator. To verify that point some time ago things, do not have board-on-hand, so this time you spent. I have seen many people online on the WinCE Emulator written article, I write should be and other no different, only a memory left to their own.

WinCE is a simulator is not dependent on the hardware can run WinCE environment, it provides a virtual hardware platform, so that some tests in the above applications. WinCE6.0 provided in the ARM simulator for the support of the general and the underlying hardware-related procedures can not be above the simulator debugger, but some of the procedures and simple interface application, in the WinCE emulator debugging above or very convenient.

1 WinCE emulator configuration

First of all, to create a project based on the simulator, in accordance with the project wizard WinCE, BSP in the choice of when to choose Device Emulator: ARMV4I, Figure:

WinCE Emulator using introduced

When the project is created, the need to compile WinCE, compiled after the completion of WinCE can be downloaded to run the simulator above. Before downloading, need to configure the connection attributes in Figure:

WinCE Emulator using introduced

As shown, Download and Transport must select Device Emulator (DMA), Debugger option to choose KdStub. Download and then click the Settings button on the right will pop-up dialog box simulator set in the dialog box, select the display, shown in Figure:

WinCE Emulator using introduced

Can see that in the display dialog box to set the final simulator showed a wide and high, and showed the depth and perspective, such as turnover. Users can set their own needs. Then select Network, Figure:

WinCE Emulator using introduced

If it is running in the WinCE emulator with network connection, you can choose to bind in a card, you can choose to bind the current PC's network card. Peripherals used to configure the peripherals are generally used to configure the serial port, shown in Figure:

WinCE Emulator using introduced

Can choose to run in the simulator when the serial port support if you want to access to print information, also have the option to Create text console window for serial por 1 to achieve. Upon completion of the final configuration simulator, OK at it.

Menu and then select Target, and then choose Attach Device, WinCE the image will be downloaded, and then run in the simulator, shown in Figure:

WinCE Emulator using introduced

WinCE run successfully in the simulator after the above, you will see the interface. Can move the mouse to operate it in the simulator can run applications. In general, the debugging interface, a number of shows, the use of simulators is very convenient.

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