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WinCE introduced in the use of PBcec.exe

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A twinkling of an eye, a month has passed, this month wrote a blog only two, at the end, and a re-hash it, tell us about PBcec.exe.

In WinCE5.0 in, PBcec.exe for the Add / Remove. Cec file, you can list all the existence of the current Catalog of Items. The tool can be in the "Windows CE Platform Builder5.00CEPBBIN" find.

Specific use is as follows:

File Name parameter pbcec CEC

Among them, the parameters are as follows:

/ r to delete documents have been added cec

/ list of all the existence of the current listed documents cec

/ clean remove all files that exist cec

/ where catalog database storing the location of

/ mdb designated to use the catalog database

In fact, all of the CEC document be added later, have been kept to a. Mdb file is a database file, the file can be opened with Access, but the password, huh, huh. Through / where to know the location of database files through the / mdb can specify the database file storage.

With regard to specific operations, to cite a few examples:

pbcec test.cec / r: delete files test.cec

pbcec / clean: Clear all cec file

pbcec / list: list all files that exist cec

pbcec test.cec: Add test.cec document

More or less on the content, is relatively simple. Personally feel that the benefits of using this tool is that we can write a script, a cec file into a number of very convenient.

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