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How to install USB on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

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USB can be run on the Linux distribution, but most are small.

Here's a detailed guide to install the USB, up and running the recently released ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), In addition it can automatically save your changes and settings, use the command after "casper-rw" set to resume .

USB Ubuntu 7.10 better than the performance of the implementation directly in the CD-ROM to run Live CD. In the production of the Ubuntu boot USB before the need to have:

1.Ubuntu 7.10 CD-ROM image, a blank recordable CD disk, 1G-sized USB (recommended 2G), patch U710fix.zip.

2. Burn a good CD, insert CD and USB, start from the Live CD on Ubuntu;

3. Open a terminal window, type the command sudo su;

4. Type the command fdisk-l list all the partitions and hardware. Note USB (such as: / dev / sda) device name to use the letter x to replace it. For example sdb back into sdx .... .... Finally, there are many orders to enter the BIOS to restart the computer to select USB boot.

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