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Ubuntu installed on the system in the RPM package format method

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Ubuntu's package format is deb, if you want to install rpm package, you have to use alien to convert rpm to deb.

sudo apt-get install alien # alien is not installed by default, so first of all to install it

sudo alien xxxx.rpm # will be converted rpm-bit deb, after the completion of the same name will generate a xxxx.deb

sudo dpkg-i xxxx.deb # install

Note that to use alien to convert deb package does not guarantee 100% successful installation, you can find the best deb directly deb

Sometimes, we want to use the software has not been included in ubuntu in the warehouse, and the process itself did not provide so that Ubuntu can use the deb package, you do not want to compile from source code. However, if the software provided rpm packages, we also can be installed in Ubuntu.

Method One:

1. Fakeroot install alien and the two tools, of which the former can be converted to deb package rpm package. Install command as follows:

sudo apt-get install alien fakeroot

2. Will need to install the rpm package download back-up is assumed to be package.rpm.

3. To use alien to convert rpm packages to deb packages:

fakeroot alien package.rpm

4. Once the conversion is successful, we can immediately use the following command to install:

sudo dpkg-i package.deb

Method Two:


sudo apt-get install rpm alien


alien-d package.rpm


sudo dpkg-i package.deb

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