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Ubuntu Linux operating system, the process of learning and experience

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The use of ubuntu in some time, continue to learn in "unix and Linux tutorial authority" prior to their use and experience the process of ubuntu sum up briefly, I hope some help for beginners to take some detours less.

1. Ubuntu6.06 system to obtain CD-ROM

Official website for the delivery of the system CD-ROM free of charge, simply fill out your application information can be obtained, the application of information typically includes name, address, Zip code, etc., but must be filled out in English or Pinyin, as well as limit the number of characters. Applications to the attention of the type of system, the individual 32-bit and 64-bit version, for example, the use of my computer p3 of the CPU, need to install 32-bit version, if you use AMD SP64 processor for a class on the need to apply for 64-bit version, if not clear, you can apply for a few versions of each, to give back to others. Usually received in 4-6 weeks CD-ROM. Application address: http://shipit.ubuntu.com immediately if you can not wait to use ubuntu, there are other methods can also access CD-ROM.

The official website to download the iso image file, burn it in cd-rom, this document nearly 700M, the same version of the sub. After burning the CD-ROM is a complete system CD-ROM, and delivery is the same as the CD-ROM. If not around the burner can also be purchased to Taobao, usually they are only to promote and share, so only the postage charge. In addition, the forum has not received a friend willing to share their CD-ROM, you can find friends try city.

2. Ubuntu6.06 installation

And installation of all systems, the need to make the machine boot from the CD-ROM. If you installed windows, will be installed on ubuntu, because in the scheme in the next version of windows to achieve when the graphical interface to install, linux has been installed to achieve a graphical interface, even if you did not install any system can be easily qualified. You have to do is set the BIOS, restart your computer from the CD-ROM.

ubuntu6.06 installation disk to achieve integration with the liveCD, you can use CD-ROM into the system directly, to experience ubuntu, that the right to install.

If the system boot from the CD correctly, ubuntu will see the option, according to F2, can choose the language, Simplified Chinese, now the choice is clear, start Ubuntu.

Into the system, you will see a complete ubuntu interface, there are two icons on your desktop, sample files and installation orders. You can view the sample documents, to experience ubuntu, if you decide to install, click install, you can start the installation, and only need to answer a few questions, you can complete the installation steps.

If you are a first time installation of linux, the biggest problem may be geographical, linux and windows use different partition formats, if you do not know how to partition, the system can be determined automatically, if set up its own partition, you can Since the definition of a root directory, format ext3, mount /, the size of the best in more than 8G, because the capacity of 2G systems, since most of the software to be installed in the directory. An exchange partition, format swp, twice the size of memory. A home, format ext3, mount / home, the remaining space to it, each user placed inside the document.

Really like to install as an ordinary windows installation software ubuntu, the next step, the next step, about half an hour on the installed system. If you installed other linux distribution, such as redhat, you will find in the ubuntu installation can not be what will need to install custom software, "bundling" of software such as OpenOffice, it may be better to allow beginners to install and use because This is obviously not so many people care about, you can still install the system to uninstall them.

3. Familiar with the ubuntu gnome desktop environment

Believe that the installed ubuntu user must have used windows. So you now see in the use of the interface with the windows and there is no significant difference, you can quickly and even you have to use them.

: Show Desktop.

Right foot: Virtual Desktop, Recycle Bin.

Left foot: the application, location, System Tools, Firefox browser, Evolution of personal information management software.

Right foot: time, the system tray.

Try the application in the commonly used software, they are very good classification, you can easily know that they use. Use of office software such as OpenOffice Word for word, with the film player (totem) to play Nelson Mandela in the sample file of the video.

─ ─ the location of the main open folder, here is your personal folder, the location for the / home / yourname, you can familiarize yourself with the functions of file browser, than Windows Explorer the poor, perhaps a better use.

File System: linux is not windows under c disk, D disk, you can familiarize yourself with linux directory under, / usr placed under the large number of software installed, / bin there are a number of practical procedures, / home / user directory is, / opt installation of additional software is mainly used.

Open Applications ─ ─ ─ ─ Terminal Annex, which is Unix / linux users interact with the system interface, you can finish most of this work here, even you, it would be a main site to learn linux, $ is the command prompt Fu, type the command in the following implementation will be explained.

Enter pwd shows that you enter the current location.

Enter ls input shows the current directory files and folders.

It is more commonly used, so you can end on the desktop, right-click the Terminal method is to choose places to your desktop.

Familiar with the system can read menu settings.

We use the Desktop Environment is a desktop management software Gnome, is the outer layer of linux kernel package, there are other similar software, KDE, Xfce, etc., it is to these packages as the default window manager of ubuntu, such as Kubuntu, Xubuntu and so on.

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