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Ubuntu Linux operating system wikipedia mirror the establishment of

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1, the installation of LAMP

sudo aptitude install apache2

sudo aptitude install mysql-server

sudo aptitude install php5

sudo aptitude install php5-mysql

sudo aptitude install php5-cli

sudo aptitude install libgd2-xpm libgd2-xpm-dev php5-gd

2, configure php, mysql

sudo gedit / etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

upload_max_filesize = 8M

memory_limit = 12M

extension = mysql.so

sudo gedit / etc / mysql / my.cnf

max_allowed_packet = 128M

3, the installation of MediaWiki

cd / var / www

sudo wget http://download.wikimedia.org/mediawiki/1.12/mediawiki-1.12.0.tar.gz

sudo tar vxfz mediawiki-1.12.0.tar.gz

sudo mv mediawiki-1.12.0 wiki

cd / var / www / wiki

sudo chmod a + w config

4, to configure MediaWiki

To configure: http://localhost/wiki

Do not add table prefix

sudo mv config / LocalSettings.php.

sudo rm-rf config

5, download and import procedures Znwiki



6, empty the database, in order to import

mysql-p wikidb

Password: ******

mysql> delete from page;

mysql> delete from revision;

mysql> delete from text;

7, Import

java-jar / home / (your user name) / mwdumper.jar - format = sql: 1.5 / home / (your user name) / zhwiki-20080407-pages-articles.xml.bz2 | mysql-u (Table administrator)-p (bank name)

For example:

java-jar / home / antares / mwdumper.jar - format = sql: 1.5 / home/antares/zhwiki-20080407-pages-articles.xml.bz2 | mysql-u root-p wikidb

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