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Ubuntu Linux under a number of excellent tools to introduce

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vim and emacs. Have counterparts in the windows version, there are a lot of people ask me, vim and emacs should learn from that? My view is needed, vim and emacs Although not binding, like the keyboard, but they do not solve the problem the same way, not good at the same place. The best tool to resolve the appropriate issues are always right. Doubt many people will use the keyboard to the mouse operation is not the practice of the invention before, after the mouse has, you do not need a. The vim and emacs is a shallow understanding of the document in the editor, especially when the preparation process, non-stop point to point with the mouse, and easy fatigue, and inefficient. vim and emacs will let you truly appreciate the joy of editing!

E-mail client:

Mozilla thunderbird.

Web browser:

Firefox. I do not know why Firefox came out, why would people continue to use IE. Firefox is not the best browser performance, the best was opera, but Firefox has unlimited scalability. There is a Firefox plug-ins could be used for multi-threaded download. Of course, IE has the ability to expand, he has been the expansion of the capacity of most rogue software applications. In fact, I used swiftfox, is added to the compiler to optimize the conditions of the firefox.

Media Player:

mplayer: Performance of the best players, fashion and powerful, can play almost all formats, but also has very good results. mpalyer in windows can also be used inside the same, some people may ask, why have the storm will also use video and audio mplayer, I can give you an example: mplayer can use page up, right arrow keys, and interface of the forward button above to fast-forward each step is different, you can according to their own needs to choose how fast-forward. Storm audio-visual habits of the users is estimated to use the mouse to drag the progress bar, often in the past and not to the ghosts.


Stardict: PowerWord is the Chinese people blame the low standard of English (ha ha, the joke Chinshan), but the interpretation of PowerWord is bad, there are errors, but also can not install the dictionary. stardict support a lot of dictionaries, of course, also supported PowerWord dictionary.

Software Development:

In addition to the above-mentioned I vim and emacs, I often use slickedit, global, ctags, cscope and doxygen. Time for me to write a good article to talk about these classic tools. I first use the source in sight, I think he is probably the world's best code analysis tool, until I used slickedit. source in sight of the code analysis is very good, but the editing features are too weak, that is, look at the code for. Slickedit is the all-around tool. (Source in sight and are slickedit commercial software, but also expensive). global, cscope bonding vim or emacs can also be a good browser to complete the work of code.

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