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Ubuntu Linux use in the process of some small skills

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01) Enable root user password

sudo passwd root

You will be prompted to enter a new password, and enable it.

02) Disable root account

sudo passwd-l root

03) to allow root user login GNOME (not recommended)

After the opening of the root,

Open the "System → system Management → Login Window", select "Security." Check the "Allow local system administrator login"

04) Auto Login GNOME (this is said to insecurity)

However, this would be very convenient at times do not have to enter the password login.

Open "System -> System Management -> login window", select "Security." Check the "automatically log in" and select a user.

05) to change file / folder permissions

Right-click the file or folder. Choose Properties → Permissions page.

Here for owner, group and other, respectively, check the read, write, the implementation of several options.

06) to change file / folder owner

The new owners sudo chown username / file or folder location

07) in GRUB after the installation of Windows Start Menu

Look here "after reinstalling windows can not enter ubuntu"


08) to prevent the vfat file system check fsck

Each boot, the system always detect Windows (vfat) partition, the better for some time, if you do not want fsck check at boot time Windows (vfat) partition (sometimes this kind of inspection will have a number of error messages), you can edit / etc / fstab file will be the first pass of the six parameters into a 0, of course, to the root user or root access only to change the permissions, can also be used in this order:

sudo gedit / etc / fstab

09) How to remove the desktop shortcut icon Zoning

In the ubuntu desktop, there are various partition the hard drive icon, such as had5, had6, had7 and so on, although they bring a certain degree of convenience, but these are in the upper right corner of the "location" menu to find, in order to removed if:

In the terminal, type "gconf-editor" and press Enter,

To find apps -> nautilus -> desktop

Volumes visible to the back of the hook can be removed

What is the procedure and want to create shortcuts directly from the menu onto the desktop where it will do.

10) to change the GRUB boot menu system

Ubuntu installed, the system automatically lead to Ubuntu, after waiting for 10 seconds to enter Ubuntu. And many people are double-loaded system, and hope that automatically lead to Windows, it can be changed.

sudo cp / boot / grub / menu.lst / boot / grub / menu.lst_backup

sudo gedit / boot / grub / menu.lst

Further search of the lines of text

default 0

Replace this line with the following

default X_sequence

Save edited file.

Note: X_sequence mean that your operating system, the number of entries (from 0, that is, the first is the "0", the second is "1", "Other operating system" is still like.)

11) Add Program menu

To add a menu, and newcomers who will frown, see above lumaqq, avast steps add menu is really ... ...

But do not fear, this is actually very easy things can be fixed up.

.1) Editor to open the menu: Applications - Annex-Alacarte Menu Editor;

.2) Choose to be added to the sequence;

.3) Open: File - New article only / new menu

.4) In the "name" in the menu to fill in name, and then in the "order" from the "Browse" in the document you want to visit;

.5) If necessary, and then select the icon;

.6) Finally, to determine. . . . .

12) Linux software installed under the

Install software in linux, we will look at this

http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?t=7619&highlight =% E5% 9C% A8linux% E4% B8% 8B% E5% AE% 89% E8% A3% 85% E8% BD% AF % E4% BB% B6

Learning Ubuntu, and happen to see this

http://wiki.ubuntu.org.cn/% E5% A6% 82% E4% BD% 95% E4% BD% BF% E7% 94% A8% E6% 96% B0% E7% AB% 8B% E5 % BE% 97

However, in Ubuntu, the installation of software is actually very simple:

.1) If you know you want to install the package name, simply enter the command terminal: apt-get install *** (package name)

.2) If the software has been downloaded deb package, then double-click on the line.

In addition, the software in the linux system, there are a lot of rpm, this package can not be directly used in Ubuntu, if want to use it to convert rpm packages deb package

.. 1) of which will be installed rpm package into a deb package alien gadget

apt-get install alien

.. 2) to enter the directory where the rpm, type the command

alien xxx.rpm (converted to deb packages of rpm files)

Catalog can be generated in a xxx.deb, then you double-click on it.

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