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ubuntu uninstall and install software

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Method one: You can use Terminal to install or uninstall software.

Method 2: The system comes with the "Synaptic Package Manager"

In Terminal

Install software apt-get install softname1 softname2 softname3 ... ...

Uninstall software apt-get remove softname1 softname2 softname3 ... ...

Uninstall and clear configure apt-get remove - purge softname1

Updated software database apt-get update

System upgrade apt-get upgrade

Search package apt-cache search softname1 softname2 softname3 ... ...

Deb package to install dpkg-i xxx.deb

To delete the package dpkg-r xxx.deb

Deleted together with the configuration file with dpkg-r - purge xxx.deb

Show package dpkg-info xxx.deb information

View the file copy details dpkg-L xxx.deb

View system information package has been installed dpkg-l

Re-configure the package dpkg-reconfigure xxx

In "Synaptic" in

Search, enter the software name

The need to install or uninstall the software right-click - point markers - the last point of application

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