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10 Windows Server 2008 an important new technology

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New products in the Microsoft Windows server 2008, the compared to the previous version of the server operating system, and ten into the powerful new technology, can not say whether these technologies allow users to obtain better service, but Microsoft and statement reflects its commitment to server system requirements for the attitude of perfection.

10th place: self-healing NTFS file system. Since the DOS era, if the file system problem occurred in travel documents need to off-line means to repair the disk. In Windows Server 2008, the services to run in the background to the file system can detect the error and found a document in the case of a business trip to start a repair process, and does not need to be turned off during the server.

Ninth place: the creation of parallel sessions. Before the Windows Server 2008 system, create a conversation is a serial operation. Terminal Services in the system initialize the serial conversation will lead to system bottlenecks. And this in vista and Windows Server 2008 to provide a new conversation model of at least four conversations at the same time to initialize, and if more than four processor server can also initialize the conversation more.

Eighth place: the clean closure of services. Windows in a historic legacy of the problem is the process of system shutdown. In XP, once the beginning of the closure process, the system will launch a counter which lasted 20 seconds. When the count began, the system will send a signal to the user is asked to suspend the user's own application. For Windows Server, the same 20 seconds into the mechanism of the survival time of application.

Windows Server 2008 in 20 seconds of the countdown mechanism has been replaced by a new service, the service will continue to control the application of the procedures need to be turned off sending the signal, as long as the procedures to continue to maintain procedures to send signals it will eventually be closed. Some developers may worry about this new service will give the application a lot of resources spent, but the actual situation, the performance of the expense of value for money.

Seventh place: core business manager. Developers can take advantage of this feature, it can greatly reduce the most likely to lead to the system registry and file system frequency collapse: this is because there are multiple threads access a resource at the same time cause.

In a formal database, a modified instruction set in order to be saved in memory and then submitted as a one-time business. This case, the user can not access the database is modified in the course of a snapshot, these changes appear to be at the same time. And this feature in Vista and the final Windows Server 2008 system registry from being used

Sixth: SMB2 network file system. Long, long time ago, SMB will be used as a Windows network file system. Now, SMB in the flexibility, high performance has been inadequate, and therefore replaced SMB2. According to the results of internal tests show that in the media server is SMB2 performance of Windows Server 2003 as many as 30-40 times.

Fifth place: load address space randomly (ASLR). Since its appearance in Vista, the possibility of this function is all the new features in the most controversial feature. ASLR to ensure that the same time, the same area in memory there is no example of two identical operating system was loaded.

Fourth place: Windows Hardware Error architecture (WHEA). Microsoft hardware error message, ultimately, a standardized, uniform use of these hardware-oriented interface to use the same socket error message reporting, third-party software to facilitate the migration and management.

Third place: Windows Server virtualization. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 will integrate virtualization features.

Second place: PowerShell. Since the past two years, rumors have been constantly on the PowerShell, it is now finalized as part of the operating system. It is a command-line tool, but in fact can completely replace the graphical interface of the management tools.

First: Server Core. Windows Server 2008 from the beginning, the system users who are not used for each function will be installed into an optional package, replaced by the predefined system roles.

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