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32/64 bit hard to install Windows 2008 systems approach

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32/64 bit Windows 2008 operating system, the installation of the best start in PE, 64-bit to install 32-bit installation method is basically the same, just omit the installation of 32 copies of the 32 step bootsect.exe it.

Extracted using virtual drive software 64 installation files to your hard disk for example, f: x64

Copy F: X64boot directory to C:

F: X64bootmgr files to C:

Again in the C: directory of sources of new copy F: X64sourcesboot.wim file to the directory.

Bootsect.exe find a 32-bit on the c:. CMD command under the c: bootsect / nt60 c:

bootsect.exe used to configure the startup environment, that is, start menu. If you do not rest assured that the implementation of End of order can be used under the boot folder 64 bootsect.exe replaced.

1, the serial number is in the affirmative need to restart will appear after the Windows Setup, choose the next step after.

2, such as the installation interface appears, then click Next> Repair your computer (repair)> Next> Finally, click Command Prompt (command prompt)

3, run format c: / fs ntfs / q grid c disk, or

4, enter the command "c:" (the assumption that the original XP installed in C++ drive)

Then enter the following command (and, if necessary, otherwise the failure of)

del bootsect.exe

del bootmgr

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