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Guide the development of Windows Server 2008 Analysis

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Through the development of guidelines for Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Server system to see the progress of the family, Windows Server operating system market share in the year-on-year rise and the progress of Microsoft's IIS server, to enhance security and stability are inextricably linked. vista Strip today to help us resolve Windows Server 2008 Developer Story.

A, Win2008 the most important change to the number of its core services of IIS Internet Information Server.

1. To enhance the safety and reduce the repair patch, faster Web analytic procedures, new. .net framework 3.5 will be the next generation of Web program laid a solid foundation. Through the built-in PowerShell can be more convenient to manage your IIS server.

2. Have more than 40 kinds of independent modules can be installed, the new IIS to expand to support FastCGI, will improve the performance of IIS to deal with PHP, the new API can be enhanced through the development of ISAPI extension of IIS features, greater scalability. New Server Manager can help administrators view the IIS global information, a rapid diagnostic error message. Added management module has Granular Locking, Delegated Administration and. Net Collaborative Configuration.

3. New Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM) and the Thread Pool API Enhancements to help strengthen the thread pool API running on the IIS kernel mode is more stable (Vista Strip IIS6 prompted to start from the Win2003 the, IIS work in kernel mode)

Second, the server change management so that management server more easily

New Windows Eventing 6.0 Event Viewer, Automatically works with the Restart Manager features can help to restart automatically after the rapid restoration of service downtime, built-in Windows PowerShell scripts to support automated management of changes to allow more powerful, Microsoft Management Console 3.0 and Windows Task Scheduler 2.0 also has more of the features of human nature.


Build More Flexible Web Applications on Internet Information Server 7.0 (IIS7)

Extend IIS7 through modules

New unified configuration model

Administration capabilities using Microsoft.Web.Administration Managed API

Build Connected systems

Windows Communication foundation

Windows workflow Foundation

Windows Process Activation Service

Microsoft Message Queue 4.0

Develop Federation-Aware Applications

Active Directory Federation Services

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

Windows Authorization Manager

Design Highly Manageable Applications

Windows Eventing 6.0

Windows Installer 4.0, ClickOnce

Windows PowerShell? , Microsoft Management Console 3.0, and Windows Task Scheduler 2.0

Develop More Reliable Applications

application Recovery and Restart API

Restart Manager

Transactional NTFS, Transactional Registry, and Kernel Transaction Manager

Build Scalable Applications

Thread Pool API enhancements

Thread Ordering Service

Wait Chain Traversal

Leverage Virtualization on Windows Server 2008

Server Consolidation

Business Continuance

Testing and Development

Branch Office

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