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Published in February, Microsoft confirmed that Windows Server 2008

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According to foreign reports, Microsoft has confirmed that, Windows Server 2008 will be released in February this year, production for manufacturers. Prior to this, Microsoft's new operating system on the release time has been tight-lipped, but said the products will be in the first quarter of 2008 released sometime.

Microsoft promised that the release will be February 27 in Los Angeles, Microsoft last year to celebrate the November release of Visual Studio 2008, announced the event, or announcement on this before. Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 is scheduled to release in the second quarter of this year.

Will Windows Server 2008 virtualization technology Hyper-V in the way of management procedures applied to the first operating system directly. This feature will be released in Windows Server 2008 launched six months later.

Other important new features include: server core, to streamline the installation of enterprises choose to install only the server they need to perform specific tasks required for the function of the command line using PowerShell script, the new version of the. Net framework, the escalation of Internet Information Services and Network access Protection.

The operating system is now in the "preservation of third-party" stage. At this stage, for final testing of the operating system has been completed, any change can occur.

Microsoft Windows Server development manager Bill Laing said that in a few weeks, Windows Server will enter the final stage before release. At this time, the software from the release to manufacturers only 12 weeks, any changes in almost all inconceivable.

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