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Windows Server 2008 Analysis of new features

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In February 2008, for the Chinese people are mixed feelings of the month. Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day, bring a copies of the joy and warmth; South Heavy snow causes huge losses, the stock market down so many people depressed. Who profits and whosad, we need to look to the software giant Microsoft's body. February 27, Los Angeles, Microsoft's history the most important business platform release will be held as scheduled, Windows Server 2008 with Visual studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 jointly issued. Here, I take you to see in advance the facilities to easily simple language, as we describe some of Windows Server 2008 new features.

Microsoft released Windows Server 2003 when the ", as stable as Mount Tai" slogan. More innovative means, and add many functions; fast that a short development cycle, the development of fast, fast deployment; good means good stability; province, means the total cost of ownership low, to save money.

The upcoming release of Windows Server 2008 enterprise-class application platform for enterprise-class CRM applications such as to provide better support for a stronger, and its new features can also be grouped into four areas.

A solid platform (Solid Foundation)

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is the most stable platform for all applications can provide very good support; and its manageability is very high, only takes a few users will be able to do a good job of energy systems and applications management . In the words of a Microsoft employee, then, "This is a revolutionary server platform." Characteristics in this mainly includes the following five key features: Server Manager, Powershell, WDS, cluster and ServerCore. I would like to highlight here to explain that the Powershell and ServerCore that these two functions.

Powershell is a script. Primarily two types of server platforms group, IT Pro and Developer. IT Pro may not be a master programmer, but at work, but need to use some simple procedures for the completion of some work. For example, the need to deploy across the Enterprise Office, then the need to gather information, look at the adequacy of hard disk space and so on. The large number of enterprises, large data can be used a small script to help collect the information. Powershell is a tool to provide for the development of IT Pro's scripting interface, the computer automatically. So, IT Pro will be able to achieve in the system management a simple task for network management. Powershell is a command-line interface, the interface is similar to DOS, to support the implementation and long-range volume control.

ServerCore at the time of installation system is an option, if selected this option, there is no graphical interface system, that is, there is no desktop icons, no start menu and task bar, no right-functional, only blue background with a command-line window. This option is selected, the system is installed only the core of Windows, the kernel contains only the relevant components. Not used in server-side of IE, Outlook, Mediaplayer and so on will be installed. There are many advantages to do so.

First of all, occupied a very small resources, 1GB is enough space to install.

Secondly, the installation of speed, just 30-40 minutes.

Third, there is no redundant components, the latter need to fight to maintain the patch is also less than other server, on average, than the ordinary mode of installation of Windows Server patches 60-70% smaller;

Fourth, very safe, stable, and because there are not that many services, the face of attacks to less. At the same time, some components do not, run some more stability.

Of course, Server Core mode also has its own shortcomings, not all services can run under Server Core, only some specific services, such as virtualization, Active Directory, such as can be.

Second, a good Web support

Many enterprises have this kind of demand, the need for a good Web support platform, so that the enterprise portal content on the Web site or e-commerce. Therefore, Windows Server 2008 there have been many in the Web to enhance. Mainly embodied in the document for publication, information sharing Sharepoint Services 3.0, IIS 7.0, Windows Media Services and so on. Prior to IIS 7.0 compared to which version of the core has done a great improvement in the core divided into more than 40 modules, administrators can choose according to different needs and at the same time to open the closure of a number of modules some modules, so that the system administrator control easier. In addition, the stability has been greatly upgraded, IIS 7.0 system will have its own monitoring, the time when there is abnormal, such as occupation of the content too much, too much occupied CPU resources, IIS 7.0 can do auto-optimization.

Three built-in virtualization technology

Windows Server 2008 support built-in virtualization technologies, including server virtualization, application virtualization, desktop virtualization, and virtualization layer that focus on five aspects of control. Among them, the server virtualization technology can be made to run on Windows Server 2008 virtual server, Hyper-V virtual server technology to ensure the efficiency and the deployment of the same single physical server is very close to the efficiency.

Windows Server 2008 virtualization technology is a multi-level, can help users cut costs. For example, if the need to achieve high availability, the original is double-click the hot spare, the deployment of two servers, the main data server, backup server in a long-term status of Stand-by is a great waste of resources. With virtualization technology, can be deployed on the same server, greatly reducing this waste, reduce costs and improve flexibility.

Four flexible security

Windows Server 2008 to provide more built-in security features, mainly includes BitLocker, RMS, enhanced firewall, RODC (Read Only Domain Controller), NAP (Network access Protection) in several aspects. This feature is BitLocker to encrypt the entire disk to do, vista also has this feature. RMS of all the Office documents do management control, even if the document has been sent to others, is no longer the hands of the owner, the owner can still control how the document access by others. Enhance the built-in firewall, very powerful, the administrator can set up different networks of different security policies, such as family environment and office environment, may require different security policy. RODC apply to branches of companies, some branches of the physical environment of inadequate security, the adoption of the feature that in such circumstances to ensure safety.

Advantages and disadvantages of the new system, users are most qualified to speak. Microsoft's next-generation business platform is to be user acceptance, let us wait and see.

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