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Windows Server 2008 system played the ultimate 32-bit music

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Longhorn as the next generation of Microsoft server and desktop operating system, development of code, in a few years ago has been put forward. As early as in July 2005, Microsoft will be its next-generation desktop operating system known as Windows Vista, and has in the launch by the end of November 2006. In contrast, the server version has been partly-veiled.

Finally, Microsoft in July 2007 the General Assembly held in partnership (Worldwide Partner Conference) officially announced that Microsoft's server operating system Windows Server 2008 will be February 27, 2008 Los Angeles, released in the United States, at the same time there are new products released Visual Studio and SQL Server.

Enhanced virtualization

First of all, we come to learn about Windows Server 2008 server virtualization in the context of the upgrade. In Windows Server 2008 in, Virtual Server 2005 will be the server virtualization (Windows Server virtualization, referred to as WSv) replaced. WSv contains virtualization to solve many difficult the challenges of functions, will be able to provide the dynamic processor to add, that is to say, the user can at any time the processor will be free to add resources to the virtual console.

At the same time, WSv can also add support for dynamic hardware, users can dynamically add / delete the memory, network adapters and memory and other resources, the precise function of the distribution of user-friendly WSv host processing power. WSv there are many bright spots, such as the Linux operating system support , between the virtual machine page file (Page File) sharing network to start a virtual machine, through the Volume Shadow Copy Service (Volume Shadow Copy Service, VSS) to backup the virtual machine. and, WSv browser also supports the virtual machine and application Father of the server data.

Some of the services for many large and complex application environments IT group, WSv resolved merge server role separation, which allows a virtual machine only has the necessary permissions to run the service account in the same time simplifying the operation of the host operating protection system. In addition, WSv can also provide hot-relocation feature, which means that users are running a virtual machine from one physical server moved to another physical server, while the non-stop service (this feature can appear in the The original version of Windows Server is not yet determined).

Simplify the installation process

Windows Server 2008 is another exciting feature of the core server (Server Core), it can provide the functions to streamline the installation, allowing users without graphical interface for installation, the administrator can choose to install with a specific function but does not contain any unnecessary to install a minimum function.

We note, WSv is the core server can be used under the program, which will largely reduce user costs. Before the operating system if the user wishes to install in a virtual device on the need to purchase the relevant application software such as VMware, etc., and WSv will now use the free virtualization program, which allows users to save some money.

Enhanced Terminal Services

Windows Server 2008 to follow the pace of Windows Vista, the user can use Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 Terminal Services access. The program level of support across a large desktop monitor, but the maximum resolution of 4096 × 2048, also in support of 16: shows that the proportion of such 9,16:10. If you install Windows Server 2008 desktop experience (Desktop Experience) program, the user can use the remote desktop connection, photo management and other functions.

Terminal Services RemoteApp is provided by Windows Server 2008 a new remote application display method, which is Terminal Services show the method to add, you can visit in the window to the application of the Remote Desktop user. In other words, the long-range program show will be very close with local procedures. and, RemoteApp only the maintenance of a central server application, can reduce the server workload.

Through Terminal Services Web access (TS Web Access) service, users do not need to install any software can access through the web browser Terminal Services RemoteApp program.

Improvement in the domain control

Active Directory has also been improved. Windows Server 2008 provides a new, more comprehensive domain controller setup wizard, and can not restart the server and restart the Active Directory domain controller.

The most interesting new features and should be read-only domain controller (RODC). RODC contains the Active Directory database read-only part of the easy access to the physical security of the domain controller can not be guaranteed. In the past, usually long-range not for a writable domain controller to provide adequate physical security. If the user had to cross wide-area network connecting a domain controller for authentication, security can not be guaranteed. RODC the Active Directory database by providing a read-only copy to achieve secure access.

Whether the administrator or an ordinary user, do not have permissions to read-only domain controller through the Active Directory database to be modified.

Users can connect to the RODC to read almost all of the information. However, if not through Remote Desktop (Remote Desktop) to connect to the writable DC, will not be able to carry out any of the write operation. RDOC domain controller for maintaining the security and management of decentralized environment in the branch of the remote server will play a major role.

Modular Web services

Internet Information Services 7 (IIS7) has been a certain degree of improvement.

IIS7 a modular design, by more than 40 separate feature modules, the user can choose to install, and by limiting the need to manage and update functions to save time. Moreover, as a result of unnecessary software is not running, a decrease of Web server attack surface, but also can improve safety.

IIS7 also provides a new management tools, can provide for IIS and ASP.NET configuration settings, user data and run-time diagnostic support. Manager interface for remote management through HTTP, allowing for local, remote management, at the same time does not require management of the firewall to open ports, and thus security is also improved. IIS7 will be distributed configuration model, so that users can store code and content in the directory for the Web site or application configuration settings specified. In addition, the document specified by configuration settings, allowing the Web application or Web site management functions delegated to others.

In addition, the system allegedly IIS7 Built-in diagnostics and follow-up support, you can monitor the Web server, see detailed real-time diagnostic information to help users identify problems and resolve them.

Link: Compare old and new operating system

Windows Server 2003 as compared with, Windows Server 2008 using an automatic technique to repair NTFS. In the file system error occurred when the server will be temporarily unable to access part of the data, the overall operation of the fundamental is not affected, and without shutting down the server in state repair automatically. Another point of innovation is relatively large to provide a Windows Server 2008 to install graphics drivers, DirectX, ADO, OLE and other options.

The current test version of the operating system can handle eight procedures, the final official version will be able to handle more procedures, such as file server, domain controller, DHCP server, DNS server and so on. In this way, Windows Server 2008 and Unix, as well as Linux, as can be provided to protect the environment by playing the role of DHCP and DNS server function, which greatly enhanced in Windows Server 2008 server systems market.

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