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Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

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Microsoft Windows 2008 is the latest released version of a Server operating system, its safety and functions than the previous system, more powerful Server. However, as individual users with a certain distance from you, some of which function may never need. Enthusiasts as a system it is necessary to build on Windows 2008, carried out in the functional trade-off, tailor-made personal version of the operating system, so that by Windows 2008 to use for me. We have the following four aspects to create personal version of windows 2008.

1, log on and off

(1) according to the abolition of the registry when Ctrl + Alt + Delete key combination

Desktop Taskbar click the "Start → Run" in the pop-up window, type gpedit.msc to open Group Policy Editor. Group Policy Editor in the left box in order to start: Computer Configuration → Windows Settings → Security Settings → Local Policies, click on the "Security Options" in the right side of the box to find "Interactive Login: Do not press CTRL + ALT + DEL . "

Right-click "Interactive Login: Do not press CTRL + ALT + DEL", in the mid-point of the pop-up menu "Properties" tab in the Properties click "enabled." (Figure 1)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 1)

Click "OK", and then close the window. When you start your computer after this do not have to press "CTRL + ALT + DEL" key combination landed. (Figure 2)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 2)

(2) the abolition of the system must enter a password

Open the Group Policy editor, navigate to: Computer Configuration → WINDOWS → Settings → Security Settings → Account password policy strategy. In this path to find "Password must meet complexity requirements" set to Disable, "minimum password length" set to 0. So you can create a user account password empty. (Figure 3)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 3)

Run control userpasswords2, open "User Accounts" window, select to boot automatically logs the user name, such as Administrator, the abolition of "to use this machine, the user must enter a user name and password" in the check. (Figure 4)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 4)

(3) the reasons for the abolition of the tips off

Open the Group Policy editor, navigate to: Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → System → Shutdown Event Tracker shows, and then disable this option. (Figure 5)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 5)

(4) the abolition of dormancy

Administrator privileges to open cmd.exe, run "powercfg / h off"

2, transformation of IE

(1) reduce the IE security level

Win 2008 default IE security level to "high" and can not be adjusted in some time browsing there will be some restrictions, you can open the registry editor to set up, navigate to

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Settings ones3] registry key to "MinLevel" changed to "10000" (hexadecimal) (Figure 6)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 6)

(2) the abolition of IE security prompt dialog box

Through the following methods to allow the removal of IE security inspection site: Safety Tips in the system to open the page, it will be one of "When the site's content to continue to be prompted to plug" restoration option selected in the browser interface, with the mouse Click the "Tools" menu item from the drop-down menu to open the implementation of the "Internet Options" command, setting the option in the pop-up interface, you can default to the system the highest security level is set to the middle level; set So long as the "security" tab page, drag the slider to the security "in" position can be a complete set, click the "OK" button, you can secure browser page automatically prompt cancellation the. (Figure 7)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 7)

(3) Close IE SEC

Server system requirements for high security, so Microsoft added to IE security enhancements. This makes IE in the Internet the region has the highest security level, and not to conduct an overall adjustment.

Click on the column to run fast, "Server Manager", open the Server Manager, check "Do not display this sign in the console", click on the "Configure IE ESC", the "administrator" and "user" set to "Disable "(Figure 8)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 8)

3, landscaping

(1) the installation of the desktop experience

Because it is a server system, the default is no effect of gorgeous, open as follows:

"Start" → "server management" → "Server Manager" in the left column to find "function", and then click the "Add function" find "desktop experience" and check the option, click "Next" to install, Finally, you can reboot the system. (Figure 9)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 9)

(2) Open Aero

To open the Aero effects need to activate the related services. "Start" to run (or at the same time hold down the Win + R key) services.Msc open the service to find Right Themes. Right-attributes and then to start a conversion automatically. (Figure 10)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 10)

(3) of the picture folder of the solution can not show thumbnails

Open "Explorer", select the "organization" of "and search folders" option; in the pop-up window choose "View" tab, remove the "Always show icons, never thumbnails show" before the check mark, select the "file icon thumbnail form" immediately after. Click the View icon or to adjust the size of thumbnails. (Figure 11)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 11)

4, safety

Windows Server family of operating systems has been a weak point in Administrators group is very high user rights, such as the remote IPC connections, Terminal Services registry, use the administrator account is unrestricted. Individual users should prohibit anonymous access to the remote user, open the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlLSA branch of the right to amend RestrictAnonymous 1. (Figure 12)

Windows Server 2008 tailor-made for me by

(Figure 12)

Summary: Of course, to create personal version of Windows 2008 is not far from these measures, we can according to their own needs, their own digging, so that for our Win 2008 used by individual users.

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