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Windows Server 2008 to configure the firewall to allow the system more secure

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Compared to Windows Server 2003 operating system built-in firewall, integrated into Windows Server 2008 firewall function under a more comprehensive level of security protection and more advanced nature, we can process the appropriate firewall configuration, allows full Windows Server 2008 system was more secure. This does not, this article now for a few friends recommended system Windows Server 2008 firewall configuration skills, I believe in the help of these techniques, we will be able to fully enjoy the system firewall to their own surprise!

Quick View Windows Server 2008 firewall configuration status

In many cases, we need to regularly check Windows system, security configuration, bringing the state of the firewall, for example, would like to know whether the current system has enabled the firewall, the firewall used and what types of configuration files, firewall, whether or not to allow the exception of the opening mode, multicast / Broadcasting was not in response to the normal mode is enabled, the current network connections in all interfaces on which the network has opened the port, which is open What is the port number, etc.; normal, we need to bring the firewall into the Windows system, the basic configuration interface, to be followed in which all labels Click Settings page after page in order to understand that the above-mentioned various configuration information. It is clear that the method used above to view all aspects of Windows Firewall configuration, and no doubt it is more troublesome; In fact, Windows Server 2008 environment, we can bring their own ingenious use of the netsh command system to a one-time view of the system firewall configuration for all state information, the following is the concrete realization of the method steps:

First of all, Windows Server 2008 system in the open desktop "Start" menu, from which one by one click "process", "Annex" option, and then from the lower right-click menu with "command-line prompt" command from the pop-up shortcut menu, click "Run as Administrator" command, when the system will automatically switch the screen to the DOS command line window work;

Followed by work in the DOS command prompt window, enter the string command "netsh", click the enter key will switch to the netsh command system configuration status, and then enter the command string "firewall", click the enter key , the system will automatically enter the Windows firewall settings command environment, then we will see the system prompt appears on the screen has become a "netsh firewall";

The following in the "netsh firewall" prompt, type the command string "show state", click ENTER, we will be as shown in Figure 1 from the result of interface, see the various aspects of the system comes with firewall security configuration status information of; For example, here we found that the use of Windows system comes with a standard firewall configuration file, an exception mode is enabled, the prohibition of the notification mode, the opening of the multicast / broadcast response mode, all current network connections there is no network interface port is opened and so on.

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