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Windows Server 2008 upgrade exam released

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Windows Server 2003 certification exams can be made to upgrade Windows Server 2008 certification, but the Windows 2000 upgrade license WS 2003 should first upgrade WS 2008.

With Windows Server 2008 asked the city, Microsoft has changed the well-established certification ─ ─ MCSE (Microsoft Certified systems Engineer) and MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Manager), will be MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) and MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT development specialists) to replace.

Microsoft is concerned, in the past, whether it is MCSE or MCSA exams are mapped to a single product, but the certification will be changed to 3 levels, 4 certification, certification is no longer corresponds to a single product, but rather to verify whether the core technical capabilities and work-based skills required. For instance, the technical level of the MCTS certification is whether the IT certification has been proven core technology capabilities, focused on Microsoft products and technologies; MCITP and professional-level certification is a professional orientation, emphasizing the work of a particular focus on the necessary control technology.

Changes in the system, whether Windows Server 2003 or Window 2000 Server certification, and are not able to directly test 1 examination will be able to upgrade Microsoft Small and Medium Business Solutions Division and the Distribution Zhi Chen, Senior Manager, said: "The escalation of the examination and can not directly upgrade, we should first obtain a MCTS. "has been made in MCSE: WS 2003 certification, and coupled with the examination can be made 2 Section MCITP: Server Administrator; plus 3 test subjects can be obtained MCITP: Enterprise Administrator.

Which, MCSE: WS 2003 must first pass the 70-649 exam MCTS AD settings (Active Directory Service), network architecture configuration (Infrastructure Service) and application platform settings (Application Platform Service) and other three MCTS Certification . Technology in the MCTS certification made after examination of the adoption of 70-646, you can get MCITP: Server Administrator certification; if to get MCITP: Enterprise Administrator certification, MCSE exam 70-649 in progress through technology MCTS certification, a re - Add test 70-620 (624) and two 70-647.

If it has been made MCSA: WS 2003 certification, the 70-648 exam you can achieve MCTS: AD settings, and MCTS: Network Infrastructure MCTS certification two settings; 70-646 exam can be passed to obtain MCITP: Server Administrator Certification; if it is to get MCITP: Enterprise Administrator certification, MCSA achieved through the MCTS certification exam 70-649, the total may increase test 3 subjects, including MCSE: WS 2003 certification the same as 70-620 (624) and 70 -- 647, and the increase in 3 Section 70-643.

Which, MCSE, MCSA: Windows 2000 Server certification step can not upgrade to Windows Server 2008, the test must first have an examination (70-296,70-292) upgrade to Windows Server 2003 certification, and then follow the same upgrade process . However, Chen Zhi reminded, "Windows 2000 server upgrade WS 2003 certification, as long as the WS 2008 the formal launch of the examination, this examination will be immediately invalidated upgrade." In other words, the current Windows 2000 server license holder of the IT staff, it is necessary to grasp the the last 3 months the opportunity to upgrade the WS 2003, and then were upgraded WS 2008, otherwise the future to obtain the relevant certification WS 2008 had re-examination. However, he said, "Windows 2000 Server certification has not lapsed because the deadline to upgrade."

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