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Flash video player Windows7 no voice?

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There are many users in the use of beta Windows7, we found it to play YouTube, potato network, such as site yoqoo FLASH, there are online films RMVB, WMV video sound, web page to listen to the music can not be the same. Hard disk video player, music, flash animation are all normal, the voice can be heard. To set the local Windows7 what can solve this problem?

The problem is Windows XP / vista is also very common, nothing to do with Windows 7, what is the use of general optimization software to install or uninstall a result of a variety of decoders.

To resolve this problem, you can click "Start" menu → "Run" enter "regedit" and Enter Open the Registry Editor, in the left pane Click "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Drivers32 "In the right pane and then check" wavemapper "value. If not, the space in the right pane click the right mouse button, a new "wavemapper" string value, and then double-click the value set its "Value data" to "msacm32.drv", restart computer can solve the problem.

Tip: If the above method in accordance with the sound settings, pay attention to check the system tray volume icon there. If not, open up "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties", select "Add to the volume icon in taskbar", then there will be a voice.

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