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On Microsoft Windows 7 boot screen

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Recently, Microsoft Windows 7 official blog to update an article on the start screen design articles from these small details we can see the next generation Microsoft operating system attention.


In order to move beyond Windows Vista, Windows 7 should be more than the previous generation "personality." The "light" effect is an indispensable factor. From the design point of view, Microsoft hopes Windows 7 than the previous generation products closer to the living, not stagnant smell of the machine.

Microsoft is probably designed more than 20 startup screen, and each of the assessment, together with the user to filter the test. The final design is what we ultimately see the program, up from four points of light direction combination for Windows banner, at the same time to increase the use of light and shadow effects.

From the design point of view, the start screen to meet Microsoft's design goals, but only the design is not enough, some elements need to consider the performance of hardware.

Performance Factors

It may be thought that boot vista with Windows 7 Animation Animation is the boot at the same level, but a matter of fact, part of Microsoft in the boot screen on a large number of code changes.

Vista Loader start using 640x480 resolution, color depth, only 16bits, in Win7, the boot loader to be improved 1024x768 pixels, color depth also becomes 32bits. Of course, in the boot process has not yet been loaded in the graphics driver, and therefore that these elements are to be completed by the CPU, by updating the buffer zone to complete the graphical display. Microsoft has made to optimize the largest, the combination of CPU and the cache to provide start-up performance.

Supports a variety of hardware configurations

Startup experience needs to provide users with the best visual experience, but this feature to ensure that a wide range of hardware support. Users may find that, animation is activated in the system began to emerge after a period of time, delay in practice because of different hardware and "varies from person to person." In fact in order to provide the best possible performance and the quality of animation used in other I / O to run after the show the way to run asynchronous.

Windows 7 users may notice the size of the banner with the screen size may vary due to technical limitations, Win7 boot can only display the default settings in Microsoft's resolution of 1024x768, even greater resolution of hardware support, Win7 startup screen mode can only be set to stretch to fill the screen.

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