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Two system Windows 7 Tips

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Finally abandoned Windows XP, skip Vista, the direct use of Winodws 7 Beta. Mice do not a long time, because it requires courage. The dare try the new Beta version of Windows systems, simply because too much temptation

Building to change the system Windows 7 reasons:

1, only the installation of the system, drivers can no longer be the basic installation;

2, Microsoft's first version of the old application to give good support, with my hand in many of the old software, like the dark horse proofing, vehicle management, diary, e-album production can no longer be the old old software, was officially opened in the Winodws 7, I, respectively Aopen, Shuttle Barebone the install and do the old versions of software testing, with the exception of 360 security guards can not use, all other basic OK.

3, on the peripherals, digital products, very good support. Smart phones, both PPC campaign, or Nokia's Symbian, and even firms MTK series, yesterday the trial days, the phrase just a cell phone, data line series, about ten seconds on a good connection, and data from mobile phones has never been too easy.

4, for other reasons: too much faster to install the system, U disk also can be installed from Chris today Windows7 know where to connect and display mode switching shortcut keys, easy to use, very easy to use.

Win7 you need to know the simple techniques

Windows7 practical skills, although a lot of talk about two things:

1, Win key + P to switch the projector

Such as ours, a firm supporter of dual display, Windows7 self-support mode switching shortcut keys, no need to install the IBM drivers and application of specialized software, just press Win key + P, display mode switch on the transfer out. After the unification of Microsoft since win7 shortcut is the greatest advantage of notebooks in any brand, the dual, projectors, screen switches to expand are unified, cattle! Praise the way the revenue generated by IBM Lenovo notebook a good thing to do after an increase of win key, before IBM and ThinkPad team is obstinate, unrepentant, Lenovo this matter can also be done.

2, Quick Start column to find!

I do not know how many like me, likes to fast mode. Perhaps many people will go to the Start menu in step by step for deeper investigation, but with familiar shortcuts and fast mode can save much time, the model can become annoying relaxed and happy, I must get back quick start bar, we must . lock the operation, but the trouble time, to enjoy at the back:

Right-click the Taskbar, select Toolbars / New Toolbar; in the folder options dialog box, type the following path to enter:

% userprofile% \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Quick Launch; closed "lock the taskbar", then right-click the separator bar, turn off the "Show text" and "Show title", set up show "small icons". Drag the separator bar with a good location, and then re-lock the taskbar.

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