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Win 7 Secret new tool: the mobile data protection can be achieved

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Windows 7 in the many new features, I most admire is Bitlocker To Go. Bitlocker and Vista, compared to Microsoft Windows7 further expanded its capabilities, making Enterprise Edition and the ultimate version of Windows7 included BitlockerToGo can support USB storage devices.

Bitlocker ToGo feature overview

Bitlocker To Go (BtG) encryption support for the right mouse button menu, as shown in Figure 1. Map is chosen by Lexar 512MB U disk.

Encryption process is very fast, encrypted mobile hard disk or U only through a password or PIN code may be accessed only after authentication. And is not limited to protective measures such Windows7 system.

Mobile devices are not protected files BtG only through Windows7 visit. WindowsXP and vista in the same access to these documents. Encrypted and then written into the document can also be protected, as shown in Figure 2. If the Windows system does not open automatically upon insertion of mobile devices to run (from the safety point of view should also disable the automatic operation), we can show WindowsExplore equipment BtG encryption, such as the arrow shows. Several documents diagram is encrypted mobile devices can be seen only a few documents.

Windows7 system in BtG decrypt encrypted mobile devices, users on the mobile device can be as common to use the storage devices, including the complete ability to write and read. However, in XP or Vista system, after decryption of the mobile devices only have the ability to read, users need to copy the file to the local hard disk before they can edit these documents to write and so on.

In addition, any access of USB storage devices are in use when BtG controlled by Group Policy.

Well, BtG less than what you? In my view, the inadequacies of its very few, I test the biggest problem is that encryption is not possible to have the resumption of the mobile devices do not have encryption capabilities into the equipment. This feature may exist, but many new features Windows7, as it is very difficult to find. In addition, I believe that this feature is considered to be fairly good, and if we can in all versions of Vista are Windows7 and adding this feature on the best.

If you are interested in how to use BtG can continue reading down.

Set up and test

In my test environment, the use of a Dell desktop machine to run Windows 7 beta (Ultimate version), the use of Dell notebook running WindowsXPSP2. In addition, there is no need to download and install the type of work because BtG itself is part of Windows7.

First of all, I inserted on the desktop 512MB LexarU plates, waiting for Win7 to identify and apply the device. Next is to open the list of drives in the Lexar device right-click, select TurnonBitlocker, as shown in Figure 1.

First of all, the screen appears as shown in Figure 3. I have to choose a password or smart card for encryption, or both simultaneously. In the test, I choose to only encrypt the password. Procedure checks the password we are the extent of the strong. If the password entered do not meet degree requirements of strong passwords, will be requested to amend the procedure. If you do not know what kind of password strong enough, you can click the link next to the help, Win7's help files will tell the user how to set up a strong password, as shown in Figure 4.

Enter the password, U disk to be encrypted on the (512 U-disk encryption in less than two minutes), and asked how I would store my decryption code. Decryption code is generally the user forget the password or smart card will be used when the loss. As shown in Figure 5, we can choose to print out or into a file. Although Microsoft advises users to decrypt the code at the same time, print and save it as a document, but I am only in this test to a text file placed and kept in a notebook computer.

Decryption process of the test is very simple, I will set U pull down from the computer and wait for a few seconds and then plug back. Win7 detected immediately after this is an encrypted BtG equipment, so the pop-up dialog box as shown in Figure 6.

Declassified in the first, I entered the correct password, U disk normal, we can immediately use. In the second test, I chose to forget the password, the decryption system code input pop-up window, shown in figure 7.

It should be noted that the second part of the return code identification code. In encryption, this code is written to removable storage devices. In addition, we save the text file or print out the document also contains the code with this code, we can better know which is the restoration of the code which corresponds to mobile devices. So before I saved a copy of the text document decryption code and paste it into the appropriate text box. Next, we can choose to modify your password or authentication method so that the decryption device more convenient.

BtG in Windows7 can be said in almost perfect, so I have a notebook in XP has been tested. As a result of automatic operation has been disabled, I can only manually through Explorer running BtG, as shown in Figure 2. After running the window shown in Figure 8.

We can see Windows XP and the decryption as shown in Figure 6 window Win7 decryption are different. In Windows7, I can choose to insert a U disk later declassified automatically in XP but do not have this option.

Enter a password, a browser window similar to the emergence of the need to tell me the required documents to the local hard disk copy to read and write. For non-Windows7 systems, this step is necessary, otherwise it is impossible to read and write access to the complete authority. I also tried to re-write the document back to U disk, but did not succeed (currently do not support this feature).

In short, in my view, whether business users or home users, Windows7 are in an excellent BtG function.

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