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Windows 7: browser *. docx documents

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Even in the absence of the installation of Microsoft Office 2007, we can very easily browse Windows 7 in the *. docx format Word 2007 document. From the Start menu and select "WordPad → annex" to open WordPad window, press "Ctrl + O" key combination to open "Open" dialog box, in the file type drop-down list box to choose "OOXML Text Document (*. docx) "or" All Wordpad Documents (*. rtf, *. docx, *. odt, *. txt) ", could very well open the *. docx format documents, browsing the effect shown in figure 7, it is regrettable that we A similar approach can not visit in accordance with the *. xlsx, *. pptx format document, the resource manager of the navigation pane browser can not *. docx documents.

Windows 7: browser *. docx documents

Figure 7 Windows 7 prompt dialog box

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