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Windows 7 development process double surprises keep the new Microsoft?

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Earlier, Microsoft's London headquarters in a meeting, Windows OEM director Laurence Painell said, Windows 7 will be a few weeks back a "new critical update," but what kind of surprises Painell were not disclosed. Although Microsoftis the usual means, but has revealed the current Windows 7 look at the situation, Painell most likely referring to the new features is subversive.

As early as in the development of Windows Server 2008, when Alex was project manager said that Microsoft will completely change the way Windows development - from the past, the development branch into linear type of development. The past, Microsoft will be Windows partition of the different components of development for each branch, and together in the final - the benefits of doing so can be parallel-paced, despite the shortcomings of the interface and other issues before the detailed planning, However, in the aggregate, or the inevitable problems encountered.

Familiar with the software developers know that in such a large-scale collaborative software development, the details of a minor may result in summary proceedings in a huge failure, spent a lot of time debugging code. Even through the debugger, which exist also many hidden dangers and Bug.

We have seen the recent Microsoft Windows 7 to the beta version of the compiler to change from a single into two versions - a return to the way that the development branch. 70xx version of which has been curing system kernel, the following amendment to do is stability, with a view to the introduction of RC version. 71xx version and still make changes to the core, and ultimately aimed at the RTM version. We can know the 71xx version seems closer to the final version we would like to receive. The reason why Microsoft to separate from the return to this way of development, but also because of its tight schedule to press, will be released in late 2009 led to the introduction of Microsoft's RC version as soon as possible to the manufacturers and engineers to test - no doubt drawing on vista era lessons.

Laurence mentioned compared to the previous major update, it seems to be 71xx refers to the final RTM version of the changes in stages. Forecast for the foreign media is very likely this update is a new user interface for this kind of "accident"-style changes. After all, Windows 7 also highlights the need for a big boost for themselves.

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