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Windows 7 Enterprise features powerful preview

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The upcoming Windows 7 has attracted a large number of users of the eye, all kinds of projections and ahead of the trial continue to press coverage of the article. But people in the discussion of their PC or notebook to bring cooler more powerful feature, often overlooked, Microsoft will launch an Enterprise version of Windows 7. Not long ago, in charge of Microsoft Windows senior product Gavriella Schuster said in his blog in the enterprise version of Windows 7 details some of the features.

Compared to the mouse hovering, easy navigation and control of multi-user account management features such as being talked about less "sexy" business functions are often not well known. In addition, also complained about the outside world, enterprise deployment of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 will spend a lot of additional expenses. Gavriella Schuster said in the blog, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 deployment will not happen overnight, and some planning is the long-term strategy. In addition, Windows 7 will help many companies save the function of the total cost of ownership, which is sometimes easily overlooked.

Windows 7 Enterprise features powerful preview

Windows Server 2008 R2

Gavriella Schuster The following is a blog focused on Windows 7 are listed in the enterprise functions.

DirectAccess (direct access)

DirectAccess greatest benefit function is to simplify the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 connected between the processes. This enables mobile workers using laptops outside the corporate network access will no longer need to use VPN, so that business users with more flexibility and reduce the IT burden.

With DirectAccess feature, users need only via the Internet, you can connect to the corporate network, in terms of the extent permitted to operate. Users no longer need to log in as their VPN and stop-on-hand are doing. DirectAccess function in, the remote users are mainly using their own local broadband, which will reduce the use of bandwidth, thus saving costs.

DirectAccess also greatly facilitate the enterprise's IT operation and maintenance management. For IT managers, the biggest challenge is to manage long-range notebooks. Sometimes these people need to leave the computer a while, and then come back to work, the administrator would be difficult to master them to visit the exact time the enterprise network. With DirectAccess, as long as this computer is connected to the Internet, it can be managed together.

As some companies will fear that if they do not have any official of the VPN, corporate network if it is safe to visit, Schuster said in the blog, which there is no need to worry about. DirectAccess through Windows Server 2008 R2 to control, it will use the most secure protocol - IPv6, through the Internet to encrypt data transmission.


BranchCache also need Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 for each other, it can enhance the remote offices and branch efficiency. BranchCache basic function is to speed up large-scale enterprise network to access and store documents.

For example, branch offices of enterprises through the enterprise network can download a Windows Server 2008 R2 file server backup. When another user to access files in the branch office, the time the user can immediately access the cache from the local to the document, rather than through the limited bandwidth to be connected to the campaign headquarters.

Windows 7 Enterprise features powerful preview

Windows 7 desktop

BranchCache and HTTP-based small and medium-sized local area network communication by reducing the bandwidth used by users and by frequent visits from the branch office network to provide services to improve end-user experience.

With BranchCache such as SSL and IPSEC security technologies to work together in the branch office does not need to add additional network equipment.

Desktop Search (Desktop Search)

Windows 7 to strengthen the company's desktop search function. Although the enhanced Windows vista desktop search function, Microsoft SharePoint Portal also search and Internet search on the increase of investment, but for the search, the user still has three different levels of demand.

With the Windows 7 desktop search, users search for content on the greatly expanded scope. User's search can be expanded from the desktop to the SharePoint site to the Internet, and then find a place where documents may be: computers, corporate network or the Internet.

Users can choose Intranet through the menu and the SharePoint Web site in the Windows 7 platform to conduct joint search, you can pre-set the start menu link to a specific portal. Search results will be reflected in the Windows Explorer, and users previously used Windows XP and Vista is no different.

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BitLocker to Go

Windows Vista has been in the BitLocker hard drive encryption to protect data on lost or stolen laptops. Windows 7 in the function has been extended to U as an external disk such as hard drives and storage devices to be protected.

This feature in Windows 7 called "BitLocker to Go", is characterized by allowing users to copy the data to be passed before the authentication password. In view of the enterprise more and more external storage devices, which will give enterprises the use of USB external storage equipment and before the multi-volume drive encryption, like confidence. Even external storage devices such accidents lost, businesses have nothing to worry about.

Windows 7 Enterprise features powerful preview

User Account Management


BitLocker similar AppLocker and also the security functions. For IT workers to provide a flexible, user-friendly way to set up to allow any process running on the desktop, it can be effective management of unauthorized software, to prevent malicious software that may lead to infection.

For security reasons, Microsoft recommends that users run enterprises in accordance with the standards, which means that all users do not have administrator privileges. However, if the user administrator rights to, AppLocker function can prevent suspicious types of software to run. AppLocker allows you to specify an application running on the staff of the desktop, to prevent potentially harmful software, and allow users to run applications and procedures.

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